Assignment First

  本篇代写-公司法律案件讲了Freshmart一直面临着一桩法律案件,并存在一些内部冲突问题。公司需要在个人层面找到解决问题的办法,并找到改变许多公司法的方法。本篇代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Freshmart has been faced with a legal case and has a number of internal conflict issues. There need to be resolution that the company needs to take at an individual level and find ways to change many of the corporation laws. These have been probed in detailed in the following.


  1.1 Motivational theory: Maslow

  Jill has been fired and the employees have been feeling the low levels of motivation. In this particular situation to improve the morale of the workers such as Sally, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will be useful. Hierarchy of needs is based on certain factors. They are physiological needs which include salary and stable employment. Difference in salary for Jill and the act of firing her had caused the employees to sense panic. Owing to this, it can be concluded that the employees physiological needs of the most basic needs are not been met. The second level is the security needs. These are physical and safe emotional environment. Sally fears for workplace injury given the amount of heavy lifting required for the work. The third level is the belongingness need (Islam & Zaki Ismail, 2008). The management must make the employees feel that they care about the company. These would increase the social cooperation that is required on the job. The management and Ruth could have taken more efforts in explaining about their decisions and made the employees feel more welcome. The fourth level is the esteem needs. These include positive self-image and respect. Finally, it improves the self-actualization needs (Taylor, 2003). It is evident that there are certain gaps in implementation that should be addressed in each level.

  The company as an inception step needs to factor the lower order of the physiology and make sure that the security makes sense (Shuck & Herd, 2012). In a general sense, the individuals in the company need basic aspects such as adequate wages and stability in their income. This must be first addressed by the company. The second factor is ensuring that there is adequate support to help the employees complete their work. Sally needs some extra help in the lifting. Resource allocation must be done by Ruth to ensure that they meet this basic need. Improved communication can improve the performance.

  1.2 Critical Analysis and Limitations

  The theory is about the motivators for the extrinsically driven individuals. The theory is of questionable relevant to the individuals that are driven by different expectations. In this case, Ruth must have initiated more discussions and open communication with Jill. Nevertheless, it is evident that Jill did not take many efforts in communications (Taylor, 2003). Motivated Jill lost interest after the pay issue. This was the root cause of all the issue. It is difficult for the managers who have a number of deadlines to meet to only factor in the requirements of the employees.

  To summarize, these motivational factors can be used as a framework to build a more motivated workforce. The innate requirements of each stakeholders of the company and the subjective requirements of each business are the limitation for this model. This can be used as a guide by the managers to develop their own motivational work environment.