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  本篇爱丁堡论文代写-管理会计讲了功能管理会计是会计过程的一部分在一个组织的识别信息,收集数据的需求,研究相同的数据和细节和研究进一步的沟通,目的是与实体的管理计划和控制的资源利用和最大化的资源和增加收入潜力的时间。本篇爱丁堡论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Assignment Task 1: Role of Management Accounting

  1. Explain what is meant by the term management accounting and describe the major components of management accounting.

  Management accounting is that functional part of the accounting process in an organization which recognizes information, gathers data as per the requirements, studies the same data with detail and researches the same further with an aim of communicating with the entity’s management in order to plan and control the resources use and maximize the resources and increase earning potential in the time to come (Horngren et al., 2011).

  An optimized management accounting system would help in the following fields:

  Planning for the future.

  Directing the manpower to undertake necessary actions to achieve objectives

  Make the necessary decisions

  Control the activities undertaken by the entire manpower.

  Major components of the management accounting system are described as below:


  Planning tools are at the forefront of management accounting. This ensures the establishment of an initiative to give a certain direction to the activities and needs co-ordination between a few departments. Plans can be made in the direction of profit planning, investing new capital and making sales forecasts for next few periods and making of standards in productions etc. the entity would be needed to follow the planned approach to reach the implied goals (Jerry, 2012).


  Control is an integral aspect of planning. Each and every working area must be kept under watch and reviewed periodically to ensure that too much deviation does not take place. Employees need to be given early training to make sure there is no delay in the process of control and implementation.