Assignment First


  3.1.3 Aid to Victims of War, Soldiers and Veteran

  During the times of war, the Red Cross tries to give aid and emotional comfort to the soldiers and help the families who are victims of war. This is in the form of distributing care packages and ensuring that the soldiers during the war are in constant communication with their families and loved ones. They try to provide a variety of services to make the people maintain their quality of life during the times of the war (Bergan, Hervig and Seghatchian, 2014). There are found to be wide ranging efforts.

  3.1.4 Community Education and Outreach

  The Red Cross is an international organization that services the requirement of the people across the world. They are found to join with the national governments to create holistic solutions. They arrange health and education programs. There is special focus that is given to the safety of the people. There are courses for babysitter and lifeguard training. There is emergency CPR training that is provided to the people. There is special certification that needs to be procured by the people. Added to this, there is HIV/AIDS education and welfare programs that are associated with the program (Icrc. Org, 2014). They become lifesavers. Added to this, Red Cross has a program for the Workplace Training Courses. There is variety of programs that they offer to help the people during the times of disaster.