Assignment First


建筑信息模型的需求正在集中于小项目时间跨度范围内节约成本的可能性,减少施工现场面临的设计问题,从而不会造成延误和超支。因此,BIM过程的实施将需要最高管理层的帮助,最终必须得到客户的要求(Leondes,C.T.2005)。主要的AEC项目需要一些关键方,需要很多方向,以有效地完成一个项目。主要团体之间的团队合作,如建筑师和工程师,对实现这一目标很重要。 BIM服务的应用允许建筑项目的所有利益相关者可访问集成的主数据集,从而允许在建设进程中的传统分段方之间提高交互(Eastman M. 1999)。



然而,设置了这些协议;他们将需要知名软件公司的支持,以实现牵引。一旦Autodesk决定购买Revit BIM时间开始打击行业。 BIM是一种最新的设计方法,被作者称为建筑文档和设计方法,由开发和使用同步的,内部不变的可评估的建筑项目的数据(Fukai,D.2006)。作为母公司,Revit已经成为建筑信息建模领域的紧固件。


The demand for building information modeling is being focused for the possibility of cost savings outcomes from small project time span horizons, less designing issues being faced on the construction site which consecutively results in no delays and over-expenses. Hence, the implementation of the BIM process will entail top management assistance and eventually have to be requested by the client (Leondes, C. T. 2005). Major AEC projects entail a number of key parties that necessitate a lot of direction so as to complete a project efficiently. Teamwork between main parties, like architects and engineers, is important in achieving this objective. The application of BIM service allows an integrated master dataset accessible to all stakeholders of a construction project, hence allowing the raising interaction between conventionally segmented parties in the construction progression (Eastman M. 1999).

Ethics Considerations of BIM

Now, vendors would be capable of accessing a BIM solution to supply information to the architects and contractors in a 3D image. Ethical considerations would characterize the interoperability of object-oriented information modeling for the construction industry. Interoperability is the vibrant interaction of data among all staging helping the whole building commune during the lifecycle of opportunities. Hence, regardless of what application were being utilized across the extensive range of merchants, there will be a way to transfer information that people involved in the project could get access to this medium being in three-dimensional representation.

Nevertheless, these protocols were set; they would entail support from well-known software firms so as to achieve traction. As soon as Autodesk concluded to purchase Revit the BIM time started to strike the industry. BIM is a latest design approach and is referred by author as a building documentation and designing approach portrayed by the development and use of synchronized, internally constant assessable data about a building project in construction (Fukai, D. 2006). Being a parent company, Revit has turned out the fastener in the field for building information modeling.