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Prime category that involves animals’ violence is search of resources and extractions, which are done for them. Animals is slaughtered, tortured and abuse for humans personal goals. This treatment is done specially to those who which possess some defects and are no longer useful to them. Blind and injured horses, floes and pregnant mares are used to shift from one place to another. They are loaded and filled desperately and violently. They are kept thirsty and hungry for hours and days in order to shift them from one place to another. Premarin is a medicine that is being used for treatment for symptoms of menopause. The medicine is an extraction from urine of pregnant mares. The Ranches of this urine is an extensive and painful procedure. A bag is being tied to virginal portion of female mares and the urine is being extracted. Confined mares in barns are purpose of collecting urine on over 70 ranches (Schachter, Benjamin and Marrian). Despite of alternative medicine and safer humane, the medicine is widely use and recommended all over the world. The extraction and use of animal fur is the other form of violence, which includes the electric socks of 240 volts to Foxes, and other violent animals on their virginal and anal, which often lead to heart attack and killing of animals.

Animals that work for the amusement of human race are subjective to different types of violence as well. Animals in circus, zoo and other related places like these are subjected to undue treatment in terms of their food and health (Wyatt, N and Bunton). the problem may not persists in different developed parts of the world where adequate laws prevail in the society and human rights organizations are quite active in making pointing out any violation being done to them.