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在阿兹特克建筑的情况下所看到的建筑和外观都是几何的和象征性的。墙上的几何二维立面象征着许多宗教表征。这些都是浮雕建造的。 2D浮雕是一种结构技术的形式,雕塑在背景平面上略微凸起。有浮雕高和低浮雕,高浅浮雕与浮雕浮雕或浅浮雕相比,浮雕略高。



Geometry development is a significant element in Latin American Architecture. Geometry has been used to wreak shapes, create reliefs and also ensure building and its capacity is established in a clean way. There are many uses of Geometry in such situations. Some of our past ancestors have used Geometry for the purpose of capturing religious symbolism and other have made use of geometry to live as one with nature like Dieste. This essay will analyze some of the existing 2D and 3D architectures in Latin American Architecture

Research of the Aztec Pyramid (14th -16th Century)

The constructions and facades as seen in the case of the Aztec architecture were both geometric and symbolic. The geometric two dimensional facades on the walls are symbolic of their many religious representations. These are constructed in relief. A 2D relief is a form of a structural technique where the sculpture is raised a little about the background plane. There are both high and low reliefs employed, where high reliefs stand out with slightly more raised leveling compared to low relief or bas relief.

There are divine patrons for the religion, colors, days and years which are represented in the form of colorful facades. Consider the color representation of North for the Aztecs which was black and the ruler of the North was Tezcatlipoca in a region called the Mictlampa (the place of death) and represented by the flint knife. There were Gods for four directions and it was also seen that cosmological patterns were observed by the Aztecs and were cast in relief in this temples. Some of the more commonly used symbols that a reader will often encounter in considering two dimensional facades and also three dimensional structures are that of the eagle which is representative of the sun in Aztec culture. Fire and water serpents and frogs are also present indicating life and the different creations that co-exist with man.