Assignment First







Down the centuries there has been a marked tendency among women to repress their emotions and real feelings regarding all forms of experiences in their day to day lives. The manifest content of the latent yet explicit desires of women have been especiallyfine-tuned over the centuries to be manifested in a series of actions that when interpreted by a mastermind like Freud may well end up becoming the sinister manifestation of  a criminal mind.

In the text quoted, it is the women who guess the real motive and implementation of the homicide while the men keep beating around the bush without even scratching the surface. The men are totally clueless and merely storm up and down as they discuss inconsequential events and signs (Freud, 106). They are absolutely full of their own modes of critique. In fact they are the very fructification of Freud’s familiar and unfamiliar which in their unconscious mind is a projection of the forbidden, repressed and subdued impulses. It is here that feminism ceases to be a mere chimera of broad, heterogeneous thoughts, theories, ideologies and ultimately social movements.


Thus, it is the well-accepted fact that feminism has risen from the dark ages of witch hunts and to the 1960swhen the struggle for adult suffrage saw success up to the present day when women have crossed all the bastions of male expertise. The subtle portrayal of women’s solidarity over an issue and the manner in which they play down the significance of their findings is appreciable. This is all the more apparent when the men, despite all their deliberations and analysis, are unable to pinpoint the motive for the murder. Through ‘Trifles’ the author shows how the small things add up to large facts. However, it is only the mind that discerns the finer signs that has the ability to understand and interpret the larger picture. This finesse of perception has been attributed to women by the author.