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Henceforth, COBIT has turned into the integrator for Information Technology practices and the framework for technology governance that aids in understanding and dealing with the risks and advantages linked with IT. The system structure of COBIT and its higher-level business-directed methodology offers an end-to-end perspective of IT and the preferences to be made about Information Technology.

The advantages of utilizing COBIT as an authorized framework as mentioned in “Controls & Assurance in the Cloud: Using COBIT” includes:

  • Better arrangement, in view of a business focus.
  • A perspective, understandable to administration, of operations of IT.
  • Clear proprietorship and obligations, taking into account process orientations.
  • General adequacy with third parties and controllers.
  • Shared comprehension amongst all stakeholders, in view of a common dialect.
  • Accomplishment of the COSO necessities for the IT nature’s domain.

Furthermore, Controls & Assurance in the Cloud: Using COBIT also illustrates that, to legislate IT viably, it is important to value the activities involved and risks inside IT that need to be overseen. They are generally requested into the obligatory domains of objectives, construct, run and monitor. In the COBIT framework, these domains are known as:

  • Plan and Organize —Provides course to result deliverance and service conveyance.
  • Acquire and Implement —Provides the results and passes them to be transformed into services.
  • Deliver and Support —Receives the results and makes them functional for end clients.
  • Monitor and Evaluate —Monitors all techniques to guarantee that the desired direction should be followed.

These references are pointing out the targets relates to the enunciation of particular, measurable, feasible, significant, and time-bound goals of COSO. In many cases, highlighting objectives obliges some sort of codification. However, there could be occurrences where an entity may not expressly convey an objective. By pointing out objectives in proper details, they might be promptly understood by the individuals who are progressing in the direction of attaining them. COBIT is consistently updated to keep it up to date and synchronized with different values and supervisions. IT controlling goals give a complete list of higher-level prerequisites to be taken into account by administration for powerful control of every IT process through COBIT.