Assignment First




The key objectives of the organization in brief sum up to form the phrase, “Creation of Values that are shared”.

Nestlé’s Principles on the other hand help in describing that the organization has a conviction towards building longer term relationships that mutually benefit the stakeholders along with taking care that every operation takes place under legal right in order to result into enhance value creation not only for the organization but also for the community (Nestle, 2012).

The consideration of this company has been done in order to highlight the future recommendations in terms of opportunities present for Nestle by assessing the company’s strategic competitive position by application of business canvas model.

Various opportunities have been taken by Nestle as an organization that adopts competitive strategies in order to reach their short term goals for a long term future (Nestle Waters, 2012). The benchmarks established by the company helped the organization from gaining opportunities in nutritive, health and wellness industry that led the company to be sustainably effective in terms of financial performance and is trusted by all the stakeholders involved.

For achieving the opportunities even in the future, Nestle has devoted itself to make heavy expenses in its R and D department and the company depends on it on a larger scale for moving towards innovation not only with regard to production of food but also its processes.

The industry environment of Nestle can be analyzed by application of five force model of Porter.

The industry of food processing is wide and highly competitive in nature. Firms in the industry are not usually successful. This has led towards lesser companies to enter the industry market. From the perspective of Nestle, success has been attained with regard to product quality and satisfaction of customers allowing the organization to have hold on significant market share (Nestlé’s Competitive Strategy, 2012). This has resulted into making threats of new entrants to be moderate because Nestle is mostly targeted by new companies.