Assignment First







100% of the students were happy with the trainings and cooperation of their seniors with them at work. It was considered to be an important point, that the student himself has to be motivated to learn and must ask questions to learn more.
60% of the students were given an opportunity to participate in the major and big projects of the company. 20% of the students were allowed a limited access as the case was related to accounts and finance. Other 20% of the students were involved only in the small projects and assignments as the organizations were so large that an internee cannot have an access to the major projects.
60% of the students were very happy with their placement experience because they were given responsibilities which they liked, they were allowed to share their ideas with the management, and the exposure was worth it. 20% of the students were not happy with the communication gap in the company and the rest 20% found it a little difficult to communicate in an easy environment with the individuals who were senior not only in the experience but also in age.
Job placement is a very important and critical point of the students’ academic life, so it must be handled wisely. Different people have different experiences. However, the most important point is that if one is determined to learn and asks questions; no one can stop him from learning. This job placement is a major step towards your professional grooming and an introduction of a professional practical world. Company should be chosen wisely and then all depends on the student. Training programs, multinational companies and friendly programs are nothing if student is not determined to learn, but they are a plus point if student’s goal is to learn. Remember to ask and consult where ever and whenever needed. This is going to help.