Assignment First


在这个项目中,一个组织需要知道所有有利因素。在最初的报告中,CEO不能详细地得到所有的要点,因此他需要在下一个报告中明确。这个项目是如此有利,因为在一个平台上的所有信息的管理,这将是容易访问的需要明智的频繁。从病人的旧的存储数据,医生不担心继续评估和作出决定。一个病人也是一个长期的疾病患者,必须对任何紧急情况保持全面的报告,并在需要时改变他的药物。桥的患者和保健组织之间的沟通方面的差距,对个人健康报告系统在电子系统中的应用是非常有用的(巴恩廷,2010 Jain和布卢门撒尔)。这也节省了时间,减少了医生检查健康的漫长过程。



To be fruitful in this project, an organization needs to aware about all the advantageous factors. In the produced initial report, CEO could not get all the points in detail and thus he needs it in clear in next report. This project is so much advantageous due to the managing of all the information on a single platform and it would be easy to access as needful wise frequently. From the old stored data of a patient, doctor do not worry to keep assess upon it and make a decision. A patient who is also a long-term sufferer for a disease must need to keep a thorough report for any emergency case and to change his or her medications whenever needed. To bridge the gap in communication aspect between patients and health caring organizations, usage of the personal health report system in the electronic system is very useful (Buntin, Jain and Blumenthal, 2010). It also save time and minimize the lengthy process of health check up by doctors.

A unique and ideal platform is needed to implement the pilot project for the concern of personal health report. However, on this topic no relevant data is provided in the initial produced report, but as it is so much important and require for any fresher organization to adopt the project further focus is emphasized on this topic.  The basic technology adopt for the implementation of pilot project in concern of personal health report required to be robust and using database in this purpose is required to be consistent and validate. Building infrastructure should to be in such approach as it can restrict all the possible risk factors. The organization should be care about all the key factors such as capital structure, technological knowledgeable man force, robust hardware and fine software to build an ideal infrastructure.