Assignment First





Keep your immune system functioning properly
Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
Help your body produce enzymes
Provide fuel for central nervous system
Provide fuel for muscular system
Supply dietary Fibre
Supply Energy to whole body
Provides essential fatty acid
Serves as storage system for body’s extra calories
Important for controlling blood clotting, inflammation, and brain development
Improve the health of skin and hair

Preserve and improve your eyesight
Help you fight off viral infection
Maintain your energy supplies
Coordinate the activity of nerves and muscles
Support proper heart function
Help protect cells from oxygen damage
Support cellular energy production
Maintain your supply of other B vitamins
Help lower cholesterol levels
Stabilize your blood sugar
Support genetic processes in your cells
Help your body process fats
Support a wide range of activities in your nervous system
Promote proper breakdown of sugars and starches
Help prevent homocysteine build-up in your blood
Used to treat pernicious Anaemia
For the prevention of memory loss, Immune system failure, and aging
To fight with diseases like depression, mental disorder, diabetes, asthma, cancers, and skin infections
Fight with age-related diseases like muscular degeneration, Lyme disease and gum disease
Plays role in building DNA, exchanging signals in brain, and detoxification of Liver
Essential nutrient for building of the living cells
Backbone of nervous system
Support red blood cell production and help prevent anemia
Help prevent homocysteine build-up in your blood
Support cell production, especially in your skin
Allow nerves to function properly
Help prevent osteoporosis-related bone fractures
Help prevent dementias including Alzheimer’s disease
Active part in metabolism
Break down fat as fuel
Building block for key hormones that guide metabolic process
Deal with acne
Help protect cells from free radical damage
Lower your cancer risk
Regenerate your vitamin E supplies
Improve iron absorption
Protect your skin from ultraviolet light
Prevent cell damage from free radicals
Allow your cells to communicate effectively
Help protect against prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease