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顾客认为高价有机食品比价格竞争的无机食品有更多的价值(林等人,2014)。市场上有机产品大量涌现。有些人害怕专家们预测使用非有机食品的潜在健康风险。这种高质量的食品的感觉和人们认为,通过支付更多的有机食品,改善消费者的健康,导致更多的人购买这种产品。这种感觉已经渗透和有对有机食品的需求量不断增长(2002 Zanoli和纳斯帕迪,)。每个国家都有专门的有机食品市场。在辩论的另一端,人们认为有机食品的价格更高,但它与非有机食品没有什么区别。他们选择购买非有机食品,声称有机食品也含有同样数量的化学制剂。然而,从统计数据中发现,愿意以优质价格购买有机食品的人数在不断上升。专家预测,这种市场需求只会在未来增长(林等人,2014)。

人们选择购买有机食品的原因是主观的,实际上是个人的选择。但大多数人在接受调查时说,人们购买有机食品的原因是因为它与健康有关。有机食品使用较少的化学物质是人们选择购买这些食物的首要原因。明显的观点认为,非有机食品被发现含有农药,因此被认为是有害的人食用它。它一直是人们消费的头号因素。消费产品的人并不真正担心它会引起的环境影响。分析家们预测有机产品有很大的消费市场。根据研究人员的说法,还有另外一部分人主要使用有机术语来对商品的价值进行更多的定价。然而,尽管有一些负面的评论,这个行业还是在增长。在这项研究中,样本中的人来自马来西亚。结果发现,马来西亚人民对食物的质量评价很高。在其他国家,有机食品的市场还有其他原因。研究人员说,还需要进一步的研究来分析个别国家的趋势(shaharudin et al,2010)。


Customers perceive high priced organic foods to have more values than competitive priced inorganic foods (Lim et al, 2014). There is a major spurt of organic products in the market. Some people are scared of the potential health risks predicted by the experts regarding the use of non-organic foods. This feeling of quality food products and the perceived assumption that by paying more for the organic foods the health of the consumer will improve has lead to more people buying such products. This feeling has penetrated and there is a growing demand for the organic foods (Zanoli and Naspetti, 2002). There is a special niche market in each country for the organic foods. At another end of the debate, the people feel that organic foods are priced higher but it is no different from the non-organic foods. They choose to buy non-organic foods and claim that the organic foods also have the same amount of chemical agents. However it has been found from statistical data that the number of people willing to buy organic foods at premium price for quality has been on the rise. The experts predict that this market need will only grow in the future (Lim et al, 2014)

The reasons that the people choose to buy organic foods are subjective and it is actually an individual choice. But the majority of the people when surveyed say that the reason for the people to buy organic food is due to the health benefits associated with it. The factors like organic foods use less chemicals has been the number one reason people opt to buy these foods. The apparent view that the non-organic food is found filled with pesticide, hence considered bad for the people consuming it. It has been the number one driving factor to the people consuming it. People consuming the products are not really worried about the environmental impact it would cause. The analysts are predicting that there is a very big consumer market for organic products. There is also another segment of people according to the researchers that people are primarily using the term organic to price the value of the goods more. There has however been growth in this industry in spite of some of the negative reviews. In the study the people in the sample were from Malaysia. It was found that the people in Malaysia placed high value for the quality of the food. There are other reasons in other countries for the market of organic foods. The researchers says that further studies need to be done to analyze the trends of the individual country (Shaharudin et al, 2010).