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According to a research conducted by Cologne Institute of Economic Research that collects macro level evidence from 202 sample countries, there is a strong correlation between mobile phone subscription and democratization with voice and accountability index used as a proxy of democratization. The results were more pronounced in the developing countries.  Another research conducted by Cologne Institute that gathered facts from 148 countries proves that increased level of mobile phone subscriptions leads to lesser gender inequality as women access to the outer world using their mobile gadgets without intervention by their male counterparts can lead to numerous benefits for females of which health and wellbeing of their families is just one aspect.

Mobile phone has changed the way of dissemination of education leading to equitable distribution of knowledge. Now-a-days, educational institutes can circulate education via SMS or mobile apps. Similarly, people can access the educational material provided by the virtual universities by using their mobile phones and in this way they can quench their thirst of knowledge no matter which area they are residing in.

New Horizons of connectivity

Undeniably, mobile phone has resulted in an irrevocable change in the way people communicate behave and entail other day-to-day activities. Gone are the times when people wrote letters and used landline phones which stay fixed in one location and didn’t provide any portability. Mobile telephony has made the lives much easier. This technology enables us to directly call a concerned person rather than calling at a particular place and expecting that the person would be present there. Knowing who would pick your call, the first question would be “where?” instead of “who?”. Mobile phones have significantly boosted people’s ability to stay connected to others and have resulted in an exponential rise in the opportunities of social interaction. No matter how far away your loved one in residing, he is just a click away.