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案例研究代写 :杂草的遍布和药理作用

这可能用于许多活动,其中可能包括抗病毒、抗氧化剂和抗生素的活动。除此之外,它还有助于伤口的愈合活动以及许多其他杀虫和抗炎活动(Udupa et al, 1995)。据报道,这种叶子的汁液可以用来治疗一些新鲜的伤口,可以止血。据报道,这种杂草还被用于治疗糖尿病。

案例研究代写 :杂草的遍布和药理作用

This weed occurs throughout the region of tropical Asia and Africa. In addition to this, it is naturalized in North America. It is founded in India in large quantities. It is native to the tropical Americans. In addition to this, it has been introduced to some of the tropical and sub-tropical regions and mild-temperature zones in the different parts of the world.

It can be used as a method for obtaining a highly palatable fodder which may be taken by the animals. It is considered as the finest fodder grass. It is such a fodder which can be cut twice or thrice during the entire season (Rout et al, 2000). In some parts of the world such as Myanmar, it is considered to be one of the best grasses for feeding the milk giving animals. In many parts of India, the seeds of this plant are used as a rice.

案例研究代写 :杂草的遍布和药理作用

This may be used for a large number of activities which may include the anti-viral, anti-oxidant and antibiotic activities. In addition to this, it helps in healing activity of the wound and many other insecticidal and anti-inflammatory activities (Udupa et al, 1995). It has also been reported that the juice of this leaf can be used for curing some of the fresh wounds and can stop bleeding. It has also been reported that this weed has been used for the purpose of treatment of diabetes.