Assignment First


有效的班级管理主要包括三个主要支柱,如清晰的仪式和程序,充分的动机和充分管理班级管理。班级管理还包括学生成绩的想法,提高学生和教师之间的关系,在课堂上使双方的沟通能力可以提高,有足够的功能方面的指导进行的,工作中的观察与分析。有经验的班主任管理技术提供高优先级,还提出了一个重要的值得关注的地方,那里的东西可以做得轻松和积极(H. Stronge、D. Tucker和L. Hindman,2004)。
班级管理基本上是一个教师使用的活动和策略,以解决有关课堂管理的任何问题。随着有效的程序和技术的使用,可以使用类管理,以影响和创造一个建设性的管理结构。管理组织中的班级管理也关系到专注于安全的课堂管理技术和材料,优化学习,也减少分心。没有对学生的行为和方式,对影响这一收益从班级管理的规章制度是不完整的班级管理(H. Stronge、D. Tucker和L. Hindman,2004)。班级管理是非常重要的因为它有助于学习材料与学生保持准备,教训更容易与更多的学生的影响。班级管理有助于提高教师的自信心和学生的信心,从而构建和增强学生的自信心。只有当有一个有组织的技术或方法用于此目的时,才能实行类管理。按照下面所述的准则类管理可以有效地处理:


Effective class management mainly consists of three primary pillars such as clear rituals and routines, adequate motivation and adequately managing the class management. Class management will also include the idea of student achievement by improving the relation between the student and teachers in the class so that the communication skills of both the parties can be enhanced and that there is enough functionality being carried out with respect to the guidance, observation and analysis of the work. Experienced class management techniques provide high priority and also present an important area of concern where things can be made to look easy and positive as well (H. Stronge, D. Tucker and L. Hindman, 2004).

Class management is basically the activities and strategies which a teacher uses in order to solve out any problems pertaining to the classroom management. With the use of effective procedures and techniques, class management can be used in order to influence and create a constructive management structure. Managing class management in organizations is also related to focusing on safe classroom management techniques and materials that optimize learning and also reduce distractions. Class management is incomplete without analyzing the manner in which students behave and work on the rules and regulations of the influences which one gains from class management (H. Stronge, D. Tucker and L. Hindman, 2004).Class management is extremely important since it helps in engaging the students in learning material, keeps the students prepared so that lessons are learned easier and with more effect. Class management helps in boosting up the confidence of the teachers as well as the students, therefore structuring and building up the confidence of the students. Class management can be practiced only when there is an organized technique or method adopted for this purpose. On following the below stated guidelines class management can be efficiently handled:

  • Keeping the class interested
  • Practicing fairness in the work of the teachers and students
  • Practicing humor in order to keep a positive environment in the class.
  • Provide examples to students so that they too understand and become like leaders.
  • Giving opportunities to students so that become confident and are able to overall manage the workflow.
  • Students must not be humiliated as it can affect their psychological condition since childhood itself.
  • Teachers should always be alert and available with respect to handling children and their query (NG, 2014)