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Sales strategy should be designed in such a way that following corporate objectives are met by the business in an organized manner. This planning would include following targets:
• Sales dividend (Amount received from selling goods or services in normal circumstances)
• Financial Gain (Profit earned by the business, particularly difference between the amount spent to produce goods or acquire an service and the amount earned)
• Return on investment (Benefit to the investor from an investment of some resource)
• Development of business (Includes sales volume, growth, Profit, ROI)
• Inflow of cash (Focuses on maximizing net cash inflow in business)
• Goodwill (Maintain corporate image and reputation in market)

All the above aspects are to be considered and well understood for proper synchronization of sales strategy with corporate objectives of business.Centrica, the parent company has a vision to become a leading supplier of energy and home services related provider in our chosen markets to maximise value to their shareholders(Cravens,2008). This is where we see a lot of traction on the sales and marketing side to fulfil an overall objective to become the leaders operating in their space.
The primary objective of meeting John is doing the following:
• Establish the brand of British Marketing by explaining about the company profile and the products offered.
• Once the brand and products are established in the mind of customer, the next step is to ask as much information possible from Mr. John to understand his current pain points and bottlenecks with the current company. A smart salesman is no less than a sales consultant. At this point when the customer profile is translated to us in our minds, the next step is to act as a consultant and explaining how various products and services of British Gas Company fit into the customer profiling.
• After the qualitative setting in the mind of customer, the next step is to show him how not only he can get better products and services, but also get a better ROI and how in longer run he would be able to save a significant amount of money.