澳洲硕士论文代写 12-24

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Selected Organization: Packages limited

Corporate background

PACKAGES LTD is not only a renowned company of Pakistan, but it is one of the best firms of Asia. This firm was born by the joint venture between two groups namely, Akerlund and Rausing (Sweden) and Ali Group (Pakistan). The aim of company is to provide quality packaging solutions to individuals as well as businesses. It provides variety of packaging services including shipping containers, offset printed cartons and flexible packaging material to different industries. The firm’s policies are intended to create an informal but an inspiring team-oriented workplace environment where everyone can share knowledge and information in a friendly environment.

The Packages Group is really proud of the strong relation it shares with friends and family. It has diverse business partners like Print Care, Tetra Pak ,Mitsubishi Corporation, Coca-Cola ,Nestle Milk pak Ltd (NML), Tri-pack Films Ltd, DIC Ltd, Tetra Pak Pakistan Ltd, International General Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd. (IGI)and Packages Lanka Pvt. Ltd

The success of an organization is undoubtedly reliant on the employees. Every individual of the firm is regarded as important asset and continuous guidance and motivation is provided to all of them. Company consists of enthusiastic employees having great talent, and is devoted to make this business successful. In the start, 22 Swedish Experts moved towards Pakistan in order to train the Pakistani staff for running the factory. Currently, it possesses 1019 employees, including engineers, accountants and different skilled workers.

Strategic Direction

The strategic direction can be analyzed by its mission, vision and objectives


The company wants to hire, train and build long term relationships with outstanding individuals and to give them an innovative culture, opportunities of   growth, rewards and performance. Moreover it is intended to acquire profit along with giving fair return to its stake holder. The company is devoted to focus a lot on ethical standards I order to serve the society


  • To be a local supplier of high quality packaging and tissue
  • To develop on up to date measures like quality, service and speed of delivery.
  • To keep investing in, systems, technology and human resources to successfully meet the challenges of modern time

Nature Of The Organization:

Packages limited is a manufacturing company. It deals with various packaging material. The organization is divided into different divisions, having their separate work and control. Its the market leader in packaging industry.



该套餐集团是与朋友和家人的这股强大的关系真的很自豪。它有不同的业务合作伙伴,如打印护理,利乐公司,三菱公司,可口可乐,雀巢牛奶白有限公司(NML),三组电影公司,DIC公司,利乐巴基斯坦公司,国际通用保险公司巴基斯坦有限公司( IGI)和封装斯里兰卡列兵。有限公司