assignment代写 :宾利酒吧和餐厅的员工服务

从他们经营餐厅的方式可以看出,员工的制服是聪明和舒适的。根据员工的角色和职责,对员工的制服进行了划分。楼层经理的制服和服务员不同厨师和主厨的制服也不一样。所有类型的制服都符合餐馆的标准。宾利餐厅的员工见多识广,对酒店业有足够的了解。换句话说,员工的技能和训练是为客户服务的食品和饮料(Good food, 2016)。房子前面的员工数量不够,但是后面的房子有很多员工。在进入餐厅的时候,每一位员工都受过良好的训练,迎接客人并帮助他们入座,而其他员工也非常熟练,能有效地接受顾客的订单。厨房的工作人员准备得很好,可以在预期的时间内把食物送出去,这样顾客就不会对等待感到厌烦。这家餐厅的迷人之处在于,每位员工都有各自的角色要扮演,而且他们都有足够的效率来履行自己的角色和职责。食物摆得很好,新鲜可口。食物的质量达到了标准,因为食物在嘴里煮熟并融化了。整体服务将迫使顾客再次光顾这家餐厅。

assignment代写 :宾利酒吧和餐厅的员工服务

Bentley Bar and Restaurant is a popular dining restaurant in Sydney which offers all kinds of modern amenities to the customers. The ambience and the interiors of the restaurant are highly impressive and suits the type of establishment Bentley restaurant is. It offers fine dining, a la carte and set menu to the customers, however, there is a tasting menu which is a combo food offer provided to customers. The staffs of the restaurants have different roles and responsibilities and accordingly they have different uniforms. The quality of the food is commendable however it can be observed that a number of staffs at the front house were quite less but each staff is skilled and trained. The overall experience of the restaurant is satisfactory and it can be recommended to all the residents of Australia who are looking to experience luxury dining.

assignment代写 :宾利酒吧和餐厅的员工服务

The uniform of the staffs is smart and comfortable as can be seen from the way they operate the restaurant. There is segregation of the uniform of the staffs based on the roles and responsibilities of the staffs. The floor manager has a different uniform as compared to the waiters and again the chefs and the head chef has different uniforms. All the types of uniforms suit the restaurant standards. The staffs of the Bentley restaurant are well informed and have sufficient knowledge about the hospitality industry. In other words, the staffs are skilled and trained to serve the customers food and beverage (Good Food, 2016). The number of staffs at the front of the house was not sufficient however there are plenty staffs in the back house. On entering the restaurant every staff is well trained to greet the visitors and help them to the seat while the other staffs are also very skilled to take the orders from the customers efficiently. The kitchen staffs are prepared well enough to deliver the food within the speculated time so that the customers don’t get bored of waiting. The fascinating thing about the restaurant is that every staff has respective roles to play and they are efficient enough to execute their roles and responsibilities. The food was presented well and was fresh and delicious. The quality of the food was up to the mark as the food was rightly cooked and melted in the mouth. The overall service would compel customers to visit the restaurant again.