本篇assignment代写-电影影评讲了《蒂亚罗耶集中营》(Camp de Thiaroye)是小说家奥斯曼内森本(OusmaneSembene)创作的一部电影。这部电影讲述了非洲人受到的复杂待遇。这部电影有暴力行为,它体现了殖民统治崩溃前非洲国家所面临的所有困境。本篇assignment代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  ‘Camp de Thiaroye’ was a movie written by the novelist OusmaneSembene. The film is the story of the complex treatment of the Africans. The movie has a violent action and it embodies all the dilemmas which have been established in the African nations just before the collapse of the colonial rule.

  Movie Review

  The main character of the movie Sergeant Major Diatta speaks French and English in a perfect manner. He spends most of his time listening to the classical and the jazz music, reading books related to the communism and writing letters to his wife who is a Parsi. He has sympathies with the ordinary soldiers. He plans that he would help few relatives of him in the native village which were razed by the French people.

  The movie initially begins with the landing of the soldier’s plane. These African soldiers move out of the plane wearing Khaki uniforms which were donated by the United Nations Army.

  The film works in the smooth manner by accumulation of the small details related to the African soldiers and the daily insults which have to be endured by these soldiers in the camp. The movie reflects the pain in the faces of the soldiers who are given uneatable food stuffs and are paid very less than the standard rate (Sembene, Ousmane and Thierno 19).

  The movie has a large number of plots. In one of the scenes, the Americans break the African’s arm just because a black soldier mistakes Diatta in his Khaki uniform. Another violence in the story can be reflected in the scene where there is an issue related to the exchange rate for money. This is a very violent and mournful end.

  Other than the character of Diana, all the other roles in the movie are very schematic. There is a great French officer, an African soldier named Pays and two unremittingly evil soldiers. The movie has a dramatic force and an intellectual power. The message of the movie is though there has been a globalism in Africa after the end of colonial rule; it is difficult to have their identity.


  The movie reflects the mass killing of the West African troops by the French soldiers because of the protests of African soldiers at the Camp of Thiaroye. The movie is ideally a criticism to the colonial system. The movie gives a clear picture of the sufferings of the soldiers in the camp and the violence of the French soldiers in a mournful manner.