本篇assignment代写-Luxcar的绩效管理体系讲了评估Luxcar的绩效管理体系存在的问题,并为Luxcar未来如何改进绩效管理提供创造性的解决方案。本文讨论了一个新的性能管理系统的实现是如何导致Luxcar出现问题的。利用绩效管理理论来理解问题,并对Luxcar可以遵循的一系列实践步骤提出建议,以完善其系统。本篇assignment代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The purpose of this work is to assess the performance management system issues in Luxcar and provide creative solutions on how Luxcar can improve their performance management for the future. The issues are discussed in the context of how a new performance management system implementation has resulted in issues for Luxcar. Performance management theories are made use of to understand the issues, and recommendations are made for a series of practical steps that could be followed by Luxcar to refine their system.

  Identification of Relevant Case Issues

  As of 2015, Luxcar had decided to redesign their performance management system. An older management system relied on employees setting their test goals at the beginning of the year, followed by a mid-year check with managers and a final assessment and performance score in December. The newer system did the same goal setting, but followed up with a performance feedback sessions once every three months instead of the bi-yearly assessments with peer and managerial level assessments, too. The goal of the company was to make their performance management more informal and have better ongoing reviews.

  1) Employees are dissatisfied with the system because they feel that the system forces them to have too many discussions.

  2) Employees feel that they should give and receive reviews less frequently.

  3) Costs of implementing the system are higher than the traditional performance review system.

  While the above are the most obvious issues that can be identified with the case scenario, a deeper read of the case scenario highlights deeper issues. The above three issues are in fact the reactive effects of the deeper issues. In the context of performance management system implementation, the issues identified are as follows.

  Firstly, the management has not prepared their staff for the change in performance management system. The human resource of the organization is not aware of why their existing performance management system must be changed. There are issues with the existing system and that is the obvious reason for changing it. However, when the human resources of the organization are not aware of these reasons for change, then they might not understand it, and will not appreciate it. They must be made as part of the change, and not just as the resources that the change is imposed on. Feedback on the system must be collected even as the system was changed. This is also the issue that is contributing to higher costs in implementation.

  The second issue that is identified is the lack of communication. A stronger communication culture is needed. Currently, employees are under a lot of pressure because they believe all that communication is about reviews. The performance management process is more than just about collecting reviews, it is about giving the employee a chance to explore their results, their goals and more in the context of a much broader segment of people, like their peers and their managers.