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Good management is a matter of concern for self esteem, morale, commitment, personal, enjoyment and social and political fulfillment of the people who are engaged in the process. Teamwork can be considered effective if it can benefit the members in a team (Beck, Fisch & Bergander, 1999). The authors describes that if we consider the men and women are equally capable of handling the management of a school or any organization then the effective senior management should not exclude the members of any gender. Senior management is considered as role model for people working within a school or any organization. The authors say that if men and women have equal right as citizens of a country then the composition of SMTs must be able to reflect this as far as possible in a local circumstance (McIntyre-Bhatty & Swailes, 2011). The values which are connected with the effectiveness of senior management team connect a number of political and wider social values in broader sense. The authors have drawn up a number of hypotheses about the effective senior team management. There should be number of features that need to be included in senior team management. Members should be committed to the teamwork and they must be able to carrying out their individual management responsibility (Morison, 2008). The top bosses should set some parameters for the team and they must ensure that all the boundaries are monitored quite carefully. The authors also defined a process of teamwork which is bit different if compared with Belbin’s team role theory. The theory of Wallace and Hall states that Heads of each team should provide some conditions which should be followed by all the members in the team and the conditions should encourage all the members in the team to contribute their best for the team (Swailes & Aritzeta, 2006).



良好的管理是一种尊重,关心的士气,承诺,个人,从事过程的人们和社会政治实践。团队精神能够在利益的成员在一个团队被认为是有效的(贝克,甘草和翘鼻麻鸭,1999)。作者描述了,如果我们认为男人和女人同样能够处理一个学校或任何组织的有效的高级管理人员不应该排除任何性别的成员的管理。高级管理人员是在一个学校或任何组织工作的人的榜样。作者说,如果男人和女人有平等的权利作为一个国家的公民并SMTS组成必须能够反映这种尽可能在当地的情况(麦金泰尔bhatty & Swailes,2011)。该值是与高层管理团队的有效连接的连接数在更广泛的意义上的政治和更广泛的社会价值。编制了一批高级管理团队的假设的有效。应该有,需要包括在高级管理团队的特征数。成员国应致力于团队,他们必须能够进行各自的管理职责(莫里森,2008)。前老板应该为团队设定一些参数,他们必须确保所有的边界是很仔细的监测。作者还定义了一个团队,如果有点不同的贝尔宾团队角色理论比较的过程。华勒斯和霍尔指出,每个团队的领导应该提供应遵循的所有成员在团队和条件应鼓励所有成员在团队贡献自己对球队最好的一些条件的理论(Swailes和aritzeta,2006)。