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NEXT is a famous retail chain of UK. NEXT has a presence all across the globe, there are more than 180 countries in many countries. NEXT has a massive local presence with more than 500 stores in the UK. One of the most exciting things about NEXT is the active participation of its customers; more than 3 million customers participate in their activities largely on their website. The website has a presence in more than 30 countries. The revenues amounted to around GBP 3.5 Billion for the year 2011. NEXT Sourcing buys purchases and designs the branded products of the various products of NEXT. “Lipsy” is a major brand of NEXT and has appealed to a large audience amongst the female population. It all started in the year 1982, when Next retail chain launched its first retail store which had an exclusive collection of stylish clothes, accessories and shoes for women. With the passage of time Next launched home collections, men and children’s collections also. It started in UK but expanded to many other countries as time passed. Its international business has strongly benefited from the company’s website which serves in over 35 countries. Next has a customer oriented approach and has strived over the years to deliver consistent value to its customers. The delivery process of Next is quite innovating and has been solely based on the convenience of the customers, so that customer can purchase their products easily.