Assignment First

  本篇幫寫論文-關於資本主義的愛情故事講了在這個故事中,有關於企業主導地位的討論。之所以選擇這個特殊的案例研究,是因爲資本主義意識形態在各個領域日益突出。人們發現,資本主義是最成功的經濟模式之一,它建立在生產原則和自由市場的基礎上。它使各個階層的人都能朝着一個共同的目標努力。本篇幫寫論文文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  About Capitalism a Love story

  In this story there is discussion of the corporate dominance explained. The reason for choosing this particular case study is because of the growing prominence of capitalistic ideology across the spectrum. It has been found that the capitalism is one of the most successful economic model and is based on the principles of production and free market. It enables the people across the spectrum to work towards a common objective.

  The people of America have been affected owing to the impact of capitalism in the societies. It shows how people face the consequences of capitalism. It explains how the people pay the price with giving up of jobs, homes and savings of the people. It also shows how the life of the average American family is exposed owing to the impact of globalization. It explains how the people life has been impacted by certain decisions taken by the big corporations and the government.

  Analysis of the discourse data

  Pragmatics aspect of the social language skills are used in everyday daily interactions with other members of the society. Pragmatics includes the language spoken, actual content, social context of the content and the relevance of the content to the situation (Kasher, 1998). Pragmatics is integrated to many facets of communication (Cappelen, & Lepore, 2008). It is interlinked to social customs, linguist and how they are intended by the people in the society. In this case study there was analysis of how the people perceived a particular documentary. There has been efforts taken to understand about elements of speech in this discussion.

  The film “Capitalism a love story” by Michael Moore has been discussed. The people tend to give a lot of positive elucidation when it is concerned with the capitalism. This however is not the case. Many people become unknowing victims towards the ideology of capitalism and its promise. Like in the movie

  Micheal Moore asks “ who tell the President to speed it up?

  To which Micheal Moore replies to his question “ The Man from Merrill Lynch, that’s who”

  Micheal Moore discusses about how the capitalism system fails the majority of the people.

  Based on this documentary there is discussion of how the different elements of the story and how the information has been presented. This discussion takes place among peers in restaurant settings. In this analysis there will be retrospections, reflections and applications of the theory while viewing a documentary video.

  Two parts are analysed. Micheal Moore has issued a statement that Capitalism system fails the majority of the people and serves only certain factions of the society. This is an argument made by Micheal Moore and audience reception is the other factor of the argument made by Micheal Moore that is analysed.

  In the following section there will be discussion about the overall heuristics of the academic discussion about the critical discourse analysis followed by application on the theory.