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  本篇毕业论文代写-公司的营销策略讲了营销传播可以被称为一个复杂和基本的营销过程,包括所有的信息和媒体,这取决于组织与目标市场和消费者群体的沟通(Finne等,2017)。本研究的基本目的是对市场传播过程有一个详细的了解。因此,下面的研究考虑了全球最大的两家饮料行业组织——百事可乐(PepsiCo)和可口可乐(CocaCola)最近在澳大利亚的营销传播策略和方法,以便展开讨论。本篇毕业论文代写由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Marketing communication could be referred to as a complex and fundamental marketing process which includes all messages and media depending on which an organisation communicates with its targeted market and consumer segments (Finne et al., 2017). The basic aim of the study is to develop a detailed understanding of marketing communication process. Hence, the recent marketing communication strategies and approaches of two biggest beverage industry organisations of the world, PepsiCo and CocaCola, in Australia have been considered in the below study for building the discussions.

  2016-2017 Marketing Communication Strategies of PepsiCo in Australia

  PepsiCo Inc is an American multinational brand of foods, snacks and beverages. The brand is best recognised across the world mainly for its wide range of beverage products. PepsiCo has its product supply in more than 200 nations across the world which is one of the most significant examples of business globalisation (Finne et al., 2017). Australia is one of the most potential market places for PepsiCo and subsequently it has employed various significant marketing communication strategies to interact with the customers within the nation.

  One of the biggest international marketing campaigns which have been adopted in 2016 by PepsiCo is ‘PepsiMoji’ or ‘Say it with Pepsi’. PepsiCo has planned to conduct this marketing campaign in global context through releasing over 600 PepsiMoji designs on beverage bottles and cans across the world (Bruhn et al., 2017). In Australia, the ‘Say it with Pepsi’ marketing campaign of PepsiCo has been launched in February 2016 and good public response has been achieved by the brand towards this marketing campaign so far.

  The ‘Say it with Pepsi’ marketing campaign of PepsiCo is designed depending on a limited edition licensing partnership with famous designer, Jeremy Scott. In Australia, the ‘Say it with Pepsi’ marketing campaign is launched with 35 PepsiMoji designs among which 9 PepsiMoji are distinctly designed through reflecting the unique nature of Australia, Aussie summer love, BBQs, etc (Finne et al., 2017).