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  本篇毕业论文代写-如何提高团队的绩效和效率讲了在当前情况下需要改变的因素是团队的活力和经理所采取的方法。没有一种不冲突的方法可以培养亲和力。然而,应该组建一个团队,让团队成员相互参与,互相挑战,共同完成任务。这不应该是一个冲突或压力的方法。本篇毕业论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The ways to improve the performance of the team and the efficiency of the team have been elucidated in the following.

  Possible solutions

  The possible solutions for these issues:

  There should be better collaboration and effective communication between Matt and the team members.

  There should be a team formation that encompasses the notions of diversity and virtual team concepts. The current group dynamics of the company should change towards team dynamics (Dyer and Dyer, 2013).

  The manager should align the personal growth of the individuals with the objectives of the company.

  The factors that need to change in the current situation are the group dynamics and the approaches that have been undertaken by the manager. There is a no conflict approach that fosters amiability. However, there should be the formation of a team that engages and challenges each other to perform. This should not be a conflicted or stressful approach.

  It has been found from previous research and application that teams perform better than groups. Hence there should be a formation of effective teams.

  Proposed solutions

  From analysis the most important variable that the company needs to address is the communication. Effective communication leads to better collaboration and increases innovation in the team (Binder, 2016.). There is a lack of communication in the team and this leads to a number of issues like lack of trust, communication and clear vision for the team. Matt was assuming that there was good team dynamics. Nevertheless, this is found not to be the case. Owing to this, the most important aspect is the development of effective communication. The manager should lead, mentor and enable the people to voice their views. There should be creative conflict encouraged and an effective conflict resolution to find newer dynamic solutions (Burke, and Barron, 2014). This is the major issue and solution that needs to be developed.


  The manager should talk to their team and discuss about the obvious gaps. There should be individual and group discussions regarding the same. This should be implemented immediately. From this the areas of vulnerabilities and weaknesses should be identified. The areas of opportunities of the people should be developed based on communication with the team and the individuals. The time frame for this issue should be addressed in the immediate future.

  In the long term, there should be formation of a team. The manager should lead and mentor the individuals for personal growth as well as the growth of the company (Griffin, 2013). A conflict management policy should be in place. The group has been already formed in this case, the manager should rearrange it into an effective team that can encompass diversity and address virtual team.

  This should be done by the management of the company. Most importantly, the manager of the individual team should create more structured environment that enables people to freely voice out their opinion. By implementing this policy, the company will stand to gain competitive edge and ensure that they can continually develop innovative strategies for the customer requirements.