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研究人员和医学专家一直建议这些设备尽可能远离身体。这是因为,该设备使用的电极及其对脑电波和肌肉的生物效应。通过肌电图和脑电图可以很清楚地看出这一点。“智能手机压力”是一个新词,科学家们发现它是现代一代的一种新型焦虑。恼人的粉刺,有害的辐射,过敏,比如,可以表面和皮炎,引起事故的可能性不抛弃装置开车时,手腕疼痛,笔记本烧伤、头痛等问题的新一代的公共卫生问题,因为更大的使用电脑,平板电脑,笔记本电脑,手机和其他设备(Edelstyn & Oldershaw, 2002)。





人们可以使用这些建议来避免健康危害。但是,当这项运动让他们了解过度使用这些电子设备所涉及的健康风险时,这是有可能的。这是一个公共健康组织,参与社会媒体运动,关注现代健康问题。Kaiser Foundation, Active Healthy Kids Canada, The American Academy of pediatrics and The reports of The Vision Council of US and their research是获取这方面信息的关键来源(Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013)。

毕业论文代写 :设备使用的电极导致的健康问题

The researchers and medical experts have been advising to keep these devices away from the body the most possible times. It is because, the electrodes used in the devices and its biological effects on brainwave as well as muscles. It is quite clear with the electromyography and electroencephalography. Smartphone stress is the new term which scientists have found as a new sort of anxiety in the modern generation. Pesky Acne, harmful radiations, allergies, like- can surface and dermatitis, possibility of accidents due to not ditching the devices while driving, wrist pains, laptop burns, headaches etc are the problematic health issues of the new generation of public which is because of the greater usage of computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets (Edelstyn & Oldershaw, 2002).
Recommendations Readjusting the computer height to the right extent and pointing these aspects to the general public is the most helpful recommendation here which can be exploited with the help of the health campaign
The main points of campaign are that the people will easily understand the facts and will be able to take proper steps to save their beloved ones from the above-mentioned health risks.
For the prevention of electromyography recording as well as electroencephalography, the devices should be used only when extremely needed. Environmental and health issues should be covered by making certain regulations and telling the general populaces to follow those for the sake of their own and their family members.
According to WHO’s 2011 report, the excessive use of these devices can create a risk level of group2b. It points towards the possibility of carcinogenic effects as per the animal studies, and the campaign should be designed to mention all these points. It is because, with these points the public’s attention towards this future risk can be drawn and the possible solutions can be presented.
The people can use the recommendations to avoid the health hazards. But, it is possible when the campaign makes them understand about the health risks involved with the excessive use of these electronic devices. The report is for BEST- which is a public health group participating in the social media campaigns to focus on the modern health issues. Kaiser Foundation, Active Healthy Kids Canada, The American Academy of Paediatrics and the reports of the Vision Council of US and their researches are the key sources from which information regarding this issue has been taken(Watson, McCarthy & Rowley, 2013).