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公司拥有强大的品牌形象优势,为公司与消费者建立了良好的联系。耐克经常跻身于时尚和鞋类行业的顶级品牌之列。这意味着,规范的发展为商业机会的增长,很可能是看到和发展的整体管理的品牌形象(Jain, 2000)。这种积极的品牌形象对公司的成功至关重要,因为这同样成为公司管理消费者需求的一种资产。公司拥有强大的工作文化,这使得它能够在其工作环境中适当地创造内部效率。这样的效率推动了公司在市场上业务机会的增长。

毕业论文格式 :耐克品牌形象优势

此外,该公司的实力是可以看到的,并从它的品牌与一些体育赛事的联系,使该公司始终留在现有和潜在的消费者的脑海中(Jain, 2000)。因此,品牌协会为管理消费者的需求提供了重要的依据。

就弱点而言,耐克面临的风险是业务不够多样化,依赖于对鞋类的需求。因此,这种依赖会使公司的经营对公司主要市场可能出现的风险和威胁保持谨慎。当公司寻求减少市场威胁时,它还必须在其他市场潜力方面进行多样化(Kotler, 2000)。这类步骤对于明确了解市场情况和确保适当管理市场情况以获得增长和其他形式的机会是必要的。

毕业论文格式 :耐克品牌形象优势

The company has the strengths in terms of strong brand image which connects with the consumers for the company. Nike ranks regularly among the top brands in fashion and footwear industries. This means that the development of the norms for the growth of the business opportunities is likely to be seen and developed within the overall management of the brand images (Jain, 2000). This kind of positive brand images becomes crucial for the success of the company as the same becomes an asset for the company in the management of the consumer demand. The company has a strong work culture which allows it to suitably create internal efficient in its work environment. Such kind efficiency pushed the growth of the business opportunities for the company in the market.

毕业论文格式 :耐克品牌形象优势

Further, the strength of the company is seen and derived from its brand association with a number of sporting events which allows the company to remain in the minds of the existing and potential consumers at all times (Jain, 2000). Therefore, brands associations provide important for the management of the needs of the consumers.
In terms of the weaknesses, Nike faces risk of less diversified business which is dependent on the demand for footwear. So, this kind of dependence would make the company’s operation circumspect to risks and threats which may arise in the main market of the company. When the company is looking to reduce the threats in the market, it would have to diversify in terms of other market potential as well (Kotler, 2000). Such kind of steps would be necessary for the clear engagement of the market conditions and ensuring that the market scenario is properly managed for growth and other forms of opportunities.