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毕业论文 :最终消费支出对澳大利亚GDP增长的贡献

澳大利亚统计局(ABS)通过考虑总支出的组成部分来衡量支出链的数量。我国使用的成分是最终消费支出,包括家庭最终消费和一般政府消费。这个国家的投资构成包括“固定资本形成总额”和“存货变动”。“总固定资本形成”又分为私人“固定资本形成”和“公共固定资本形成”两部分。没有政府开支的组成部分,因为一般政府开支是在最终消费开支项下计算的。这个国家的总支出也包括出口和进口,即净贸易顺差(, 2016)。

毕业论文 :最终消费支出对澳大利亚GDP增长的贡献

represents contribution of different final consumption expenditure to the GDP growth of Australia. The measures are given in terms of Index points. It is important to examine the contribution of each component as values in million dollars can be increased due to inflation in the country and simple rise in values does not indicate whether it has any real effect on the economy.
From the diagram below, it can be observed that government final consumption expenditure has small contribution to the Growth. In fact, the contribution was negative during 2009 and 2014. The contribution of household expenditure was significantly higher in the initial period. However, it has fallen from 2011 and the contribution index has been fluctuating. The combine effect of these two components indicates that final consumption expenditure has contributed better in the past. After the fall since 2011, it has remained stagnant till 2013 and the contribution to growth further declined in 2014. However, at present, the final consumption expenditure has improved in terms of its contribution to GDP growth of Australia.

毕业论文 :最终消费支出对澳大利亚GDP增长的贡献

The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) measures the Expenditure Chain Volume by taking into account the components of Aggregate Expenditure. The components used in this country are the final consumption expenditure, which includes Household final consumption and general government consumption. The investment components of this nation incorporate “Gross Fixed Capital Formation” and “Changes in Inventories”. The “Gross Fixed Capital Formation” is further divided into two components: the private “Fixed Capital Formation” and “Public Fixed Capital Formation”. There is no such government expenditure component as general government consumption is considered under final consumption expenditure. Aggregate expenditure of this nation also incorporates exports and imports, i.e. net trade surplus (, 2016).