Assignment First

  本篇布拉德福德论文代写-房地产投资潜力讲了本报告是为英国房地产投资信托公司(REIT UK)编写的,旨在告知皮卡迪利广场4号的潜在投资决策过程。它是曼彻斯特的一座办公楼。这份报告提供的建议假设,该房产建于2009年,最后一次出售(连同皮卡迪利广场3号)是在2016年初。值得注意的是,该房产目前没有在市场上出售。然而,REIT UK明白,业主可能愿意出售该资产。本篇布拉德福德论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  This report is prepared for Real Estate Investment Trust UK (REIT UK) to inform the decision-making process in the potential investment for 4 Piccadilly Place. It is an office building in Manchester. The advice offered in this report assumes that the property was built in 2009 and was last sold (together with 3 Piccadilly Place) in early 2016. It is noted that the property is not currently on the market for sale. However, REIT UK understands that the owner might be amenable to selling off this asset.

  The purpose of this report is to analyse the investment potential of this property.

  The Property

  In considering this investment, it is essential to understand the condition and grade of accommodation at this address. It can be noted from the property records that 4 Piccadilly Manchester is a concrete framed building with accommodation that is spread over nine floors including a basement. The basement is with 110,436 sq.ft of office accommodation and 10,814 sq.ft of retail on the ground floor. The building comprises a structural concrete frame, with a skin of reconstituted stone on the west elevation and fully glazed north and east elevations. The building is designed to be thermally efficient and it is eco-friendly. In terms of marketability, the property is located in central Manchester, in close proximity the Metrolink tram system and Piccadilly Bus Station. The population of the space is considered to be around 50000. The working population is more than 100000 who visit the place. The number of people who would visit the place is considered to be around 300000 to 400000. The property has a BREEAM rating of excellent and it is assumed that the office space which accounts for 80.6% of the lettable area is grade A office accommodation. It is built in the year 2009 (CoStar 2016).