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宜家是一家成立於1943年的瑞典家居零售機構,在全球約37個國家擁有253家分支機構。宜家這個名字是由宜家創始人英格瓦坎普拉德(Ingvar Kamprad)的名字和他成長過程中所居住的農場埃爾穆達(elm)的名字組合而成的。該公司的最後一個字母來自於他位於瑞典南部名為Agunnary的家所在教區的名字。宜家的願景是確保其提供設計良好、價格低廉的“功能性家居”,以確保盡可能多的個人能夠負擔得起。值得註意的是,大多數宜家店都位於歐洲,而其他的則分布在澳大利亞、美國、亞洲、加拿大等地。宜家在2005年開設了20多家門店,該公司實際上是為數不多的連鎖店之一,不僅在以色列有業務,而且在中東的其他國家也有業務(Stratton, 2008, p. 45)。

IKEA refers to a Swedish Home Furnishing Retailing organization which was established in the year 1943 and had approximately 253 branches that are located in approximately thirty seven countries across the world. The Name IKEA was developed from the names of the Founder known as Ingvar Kamprad coupled with the names of the farm that he was brought up called Elmtary. The last letter of the company comes from the name of the parish in his home located in South Sweden known as Agunnary. IKEA’s vision is to ensure that it provides well designed and “functional home furnishings” for low prices to ensure many individuals as possible are capable of affording them. It is important to note that most of the IKEA stores are based in Europe while others are found in Australia, the United States of America, Asia, Canada, among others. More than twenty IKEA stores opened doors in the year 2005 and the company actually boasts as being one of the few chain stores having businesses in not only Israel, but also in other countries based in the Middle East (Stratton, 2008, p. 45).

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The famousness of the IKEA Company is attributed to the fact that the company offers various products that range to about 12000 and it prints catalogues which are freely distributed the world over. In addition to that, the company (IKEA) is also famous because it offers its clients with affordable furniture which they can easily arrange or assemble by themselves. The corporate culture of IKEA is founded on the time philosophy that is regarded as being the most precious asset. As a result, the company ensures that the time philosophy is applied right from the design teams, its suppliers, and finally to the clients. The strategies of the company are based on the continuous ways that the company both shapes and strives in order to enhance in all the fields of its value chain. IKEA’s supply chain has played a significant role in ensuring its success because it’s various supply chain operations coupled with its inventory management ensures that they work together effectively to support the distinctive value position.