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慈善机构和政府所能做的就是通过他们的介入,为慈善机构创造一个更加专业的前景,尽可能减少慈善机构的数量,这样就不会有重复(Baugher, 2010)。需要一个监督机构来监督这些慈善机构的活动和行动。

代写assignment :英国慈善机构的发展

The society today is under constant challenge and change and charitable institutions play a significant and pivotal role in the sustenance of the same. Charities have a prime function of dealing with the ill-effects and downsides of the economic slumps and do so by inspiring the citizens to positively impact their own communities . They are value-driven and always endeavour for the good of the society and the people, disregarding all other motives. Charities are trustworthy and this is why people all around hold hands with them in their deeds and invest their energy, time and money for the noble cause.
People involved in charity do not believing in just sitting back and watching but being active participants in the work and undertakings of the institutions and make the life better of a thousand or million more people over the globe. The aim of charities from doing noble work is also to promote it by encouraging and inspiring more people to draw to such activities and more go-getters who can actively contribute and participate in managing the institutions. But what the reason could be behind this kind of lacklustre approach and mind-set towards charity is probably because the charities themselves have not been effective in executing their processes operationally and that there has been certain lapses from the side of the charity institution managers that has created a bad impression in the minds of the prospective donors. This pattern of charity seen in Table 1 has been cited in the statistics of the previous quarters as well even as much as June 2014 and even earlier.
What charities and the government could do with their intervention is to create a more professional outlook for the charities and reduce the number of charities to the possible extent so that the there is no kind of duplication (Baugher, 2010). A watchdog of the Ofsted-style is required to monitor the activities and oversee the actions of these charities.