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  本篇代寫-城市設計讲了城市設計被認爲是衡量居民生活質量的一個標準。Anderson等人(2016)通過對位於英國曼徹斯特市中心的公共空間的評價,提出了創造快樂空間的重要性。一個快樂的空間與設計、建築和開發相互聯繫,影響着當地的社會互動模式(Petermans and Nuyts, 2016)。本篇代寫文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The urban design is regarded as a measure of quality of life of the inhabitants. Anderson et al (2016) brought out the importance of creating happy space with the evaluation of a public space located in central Manchester, UK. A happy space is interlinked with the design, architecture and development and influences the social interaction pattern of that locality (Petermans and Nuyts, 2016). The public spaces in urban areas often affect the people psychologically and they demand for stress busters. This is feasible with the restorative dimension of the designers to enhance the psychological and physiological levels of the people (Tyravainen et al., 2013). Happy space is all about developing the city in terms of mobility, greenery and smartness by all spaces. It is connected with the wellbeing of people to achieve a higher degree of social justice (Ballas, 2013).

  Keywords: Happy space, urban design, urban social space

  Citation style: APA

  1. Constituents of happy city

  Ballas, D. (2013). ‘What makes a happy city’? Cities, 32(1), pp. S39-S50.

  Ballas (2013) has given a wonderful perspective about happy city and its constituents. The research is at the layman level and this helps the new architects and urban designers to gain insights and apply the ideas in their projects. The author has also connected the subject of a happy city with social justice through a variable called quality of life. This variable is used in the regions and cities that have been used for the examination. This source is particularly helpful to know the reasons behind the urban disparities and differences between subjective and objective wellbeing that influence the livelihood of urban people. Through this source, it is also easier to apply the measuring variables to determine the areas of improvement in the urban space. It has also given a better perspective about the impact of space structure on the happiness levels of the local people.