Assignment First

本篇文章主要講會計人員在使用信息技術和工具時所面臨的挑戰形式,本研究的目的是研究會計人員在工作中使用信息技術和工具時所面臨的挑戰形式。本研究擬討論資訊科技在會計上的應用、所帶來的好處,以及如何運作以配合這些科技的更新。然而,主要的焦點是會計人員受到何種形式的影響。為了預防或解決影響,本研究將利用主要和次要的研究數據,為管理提出建議。利用這些企業將能夠處理會計人員誰能處理會計信息技術的快速發展。本篇代寫essay文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The aim of this research is to study the form of challenges that would be faced by accounting personnel when using information technology and tools in their workplace. The study would like to discuss the application of information technology on accounting, the benefits that are incurred and how operations works to accommodate these technologies updates. The main focus is however on what form of impact is present on the accounting personnel. In order to prevent or settle the impact, the research will make use of primary and secondary research data to arrive at recommendations for the management. Using these enterprises would be able to deal with accounting personnel who can deal with the rapid development of information technology on accounting.
The research would focus on how different accounting staffs will accommodate the differences of technology problems such as information technology can make the accounting standard to make corrections helping lower level employees and how senior employees will have difficulties in accommodating to computer system application. Management end in information system usage for accounting will be presented as core focus; implications for managers are hence brought under context.
The objectives of the study are,
To identify the effect of application information technology on accounting personnel.
To identify the barriers in using applied information technology
To discuss the methods for accounting personnel to adopt the new information system
To make recommendations for management based on study results.
The research is significant in that it presents a way for accounting information systems to be incorporated in a beneficial way for organizations. Organizations would be able to reap the maximum benefits here, and would be able to address challenges in changes faced by their accounting personnel.
The research follows a standard dissertation structure with a proper literature review that is useful for understand the current research evidence on the subject. The categories of accounting information management systems are presented in detail in the literature review. It is an understanding of these forms of details that will help in understanding why challenges are created for the personnel. Secondly, the form of challenges for the personnel is presented, along with why it would be necessary for managers to intervene on behalf of the personnel and help them overcome challenges. Especially, the roles played by different accounting staffs are brought into context so as to understand how and why challenges will differ at their level. The research methodology section is presented next, which includes a detailed description on the form of data collection, and analysis methodology that would be used. The next chapter is the data and discussion chapter. Since the interview method is used here, only key excerpts from the data collected in the interview are made use of for analysis in the discussion chapter. The conclusion chapter provides a summary conclusion of paper along with key recommendations made to managers in accounting and operations and how they would be able to provide better support for their personnel.