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In case a vehicle met with an accident air bags gets activated as a passive restraint. They are designed with automatic activation in case an accidental situation arises (Benjamin, 2011). The concept of airbags is based on an occurrence of a soft pillow for landing against a crash like situation. It was in 1980s when the appearance of first commercial airbags was made in automobiles.

The system that the airbags work is based on a control module, multiple sensors and with minimum one airbag. The positioning of sensors is made in that typical style that it will be compromised in the event of an accident. The data will be received from the accelerometers and wheel speed sensors for effective monitoring by the airbag control unit.      

The topic of discussion here is, “Airbags and its working”.

The mainbody

Functioning of airbags

The functioning of airbags depends on the law of motion. For stopping the momentum of an object force is required to act over a period of time. In case of a car crash a very great force is required for stopping an object (Hayashi, 2012). This is because of the instant change in the momentum of the car where the passengers are not in a condition to work due to spontaneous situation and no time in hand to think (Bhumkar, Deotare,

stopping the passengers from encountering any sort of danger and saving them with as small as possible little damages to them.  

The deflated airbags are packed in the compartment located in the steering, dash board and seat etc. Chemical propellants and initiator devices are also attached to airbags and with these the propellants are easily ignited. One or more initiator devices are activated by the signals send by the control unit in case it detects the predetermined conditions. The airbags are filled rapidly with nitrogen gas through ignition of the chemical propellants. The ignition of the chemical propellants is so quick that for complete filling of an airbag hardly takes a time of 30 milliseconds. When airbags are deployed once they have to be replaced. For inflating the airbag for the single time the complete supply of the chemical propellants is burned this makes the airbags a single time use devices.    


The purpose of airbag is to reduce or slow down the speed of passenger to zero so that damages can be reduced to minimum. The working of airbags is inclusive of many constraints. There is a space between the passenger and the dash board and it has just a fraction of second to work in case of emergency. For functioning of an airbag that tiny space and little amount of time is valuable. The system will be more helpful if it can evenly slow down the speed of passenger instead of putting a sudden halt to the motion of the passenger. In case of detection of some specific conditions the activation of airbags is done well by the control unit.    

A cushioning force known as “impulse” is added by the addition of the airbag that prevents the hitting of the passenger with the dashboard (Singha, 2012). When the body hits the airbag then they begin to deflate through reduction in the internal pressure instead a hard surface would be created by the pressurized air.

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