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在佩奇的領導下,哈維·諾曼於1996年成功地在新西蘭各地進行了擴張。在被任命為首席執行官後,Harvey Norman於2000年在新加坡擴張,2003年在斯洛文尼亞擴張,並進一步擴展到愛爾蘭和馬來西亞。該公司於2001年進軍數碼市場,推出網上銷售服務。根據截至2015年6月30日的記錄,Harvey Norman在8個國家經營著277家門店,凈利潤近1.65億美元,收入近49億美元(Korporaal, 2015)。佩奇2014年的基本工資為207萬美元。佩奇一直在支持一些職業體育運動。她與哈維共同擁有賽馬拍賣行Magic Millions純種馬,以及1000匹賽馬和四個品種的馬。她是2004年第一個當選為國家橄欖球聯盟(NRL)董事會成員的女性。她在2005年為NRL引入了女子聯賽(Korporaal, 2015)。哈維·諾曼從1997年到2012年擔任國家橄欖球聯盟“起源國”系列賽事的贊助,並一直在贊助本土全明星聯賽的女子聯賽和比賽。佩奇還同意擔任紮拉·菲利普斯(Zara Phillips)領導下的賽車運動的大使。Page擁有Byron Spa和度假村的所有權,該度假村位於新南威爾士州的關鍵位置。2015年,她專註於昆士蘭主海灘M3565的開發,這是一個居住的奢侈項目,擁有七個不同的精品公寓,平均每平方米1.7萬澳元(Korporaal, 2015)。

代寫essay :企業家佩奇的主要業務擴張

Under the stewardship of Page, Harvey Norman has been successful in expanding across New Zealand in the year 1996. And, after she was assigned the position of CEO, Harvey Norman expanded across Singapore in the year 2000, Slovenia in the year 2003, further spreading across Ireland and Malaysia. It made an entry in the digital market with online sales in the year 2001. As per the records till 30th June, 2015, Harvey Norman has been operating 277 stores that are spread across eight nations, earning net profit of almost 165 million dollars and revenue of almost 4.9 billion dollars (Korporaal, 2015). The base salary of Page was 2.07 million dollars in the year 2014. Page has been backing up a number of professional sports. She has the co- ownership of racehorse auction house, the Magic Millions Thoroughbred, with Harvey, along with 1000 racehorses and four studs of breeding. She was the first women who were elected as the board member of National Rugby League (NRL) in the year 2004. She introduced the Women in League for NRL in the year 2005 (Korporaal, 2015). Harvey Norman managed the sponsorship of State of Origin Series for National Rugby League from the year 1997 to the year 2012, and has been continuously sponsoring the round of Women in League and match of Indigenous All Stars. Page also agreed on being an ambassador for the initiative of Racing Women under Zara Phillips. Page has the ownership of Byron at Byron Spa and Resort with key location in New South Wales. In the year 2015, she was focused on the development of M3565 at the Main Beach of Queensland that was a luxury project of residency having seven different boutique apartments at an average of 17,000 Australian Dollars for every square meter (Korporaal, 2015).