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事实上,特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)将能够继续改变汽车行业的格局,鼓励全球消费者考虑转向使用电池的汽车,同时平等地应对气候变化问题和全球每年都在目睹的影响。该公司即将成为全球非汽油汽车领域的领导者,这将使汽车行业的状况变得更好。它已经为全球汽车行业设定了一个新的基准,并正在创造新的基准,但它必须坚持把消费者安全作为其汽车的首要任务。这是增强其消费者对公司的信心,带动越来越多的新消费者。但是,它必须把重点放在规划进展、收集资源和执行生产性行动的战略上。

代写essay :特斯拉汽车未来前景和问题焦点


代写essay :特斯拉汽车未来前景和问题焦点

Tesla Motors will in fact be able to remain a game changer in the automobile industry, and encourage world consumers to consider shifting to battery operate vehicles, and equally address the climate change issues and impacts that the world witnesses every year. The company is on its mark to become a world leader in non-gasoline vehicles that will shape the condition of the car industry for the better. It has set a new benchmark for the global industry and is creating new ones, but it must remain on its intent to consider consumer safety as its number one priority in its cars. This is the strengthening of the belief of its consumers in the company, led by more and more new consumers. It must, however, focused on strategizing its planning of progress, gathering of resources, and implementing productive actions.

代写essay :特斯拉汽车未来前景和 问题焦点

Cars are prone to meet with accidents in any form whatsoever which may be unpredictable. The three S model involved in traffic accidents had their lithium ion battery packs severed even though a quarter inch thick glass covering the batteries. Accidents are commonplace in many countries and if the car, as it has lithium ion batteries, goes on to blast further due to excessive heat, it may be a very difficult situation for Tesla Motors. This can easily become a global argument uncontrolled by media, denting its worldwide image and creating millions of suspicious consumers. The consumers trust is what makes it more rewarding, but if it is lost and weakened it may be devastating for the company to regain its original position. Rivals may build up on their regress, just as Tesla did it during the VW scandal, forcing it to lose all its years of labour and research. More than the market, since it is a new concept, Tesla must focus majority of its attention and research in consumer safety in their cars. This is the prime issue to have their attention diverted for permanent.