Assignment First

  本篇代写-护理和保健讲了护士要经过培训,并有效地了解术后护理,以确保病人没有感染或面临任何其他问题。压力和抑郁在当今社会极为常见,对于产后抑郁症来说,治疗和诊断是至关重要的。“另一方面,压力管理,通过冥想练习,更好地了解精神病学咨询和增加医疗设施已经帮助了世界上的人们”,因此,在这种情况下,有效地使用这些工具来处理抑郁症是极其重要的。本篇代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  It is extremely important that the nurses are trained and understand post operative care effectively in order to ensure that there is no infection or any other issue faced by the patient. Stress and depression are extremely common in present times In case of post natal depression, treatment and diagnosis is extremely crucial. “Stress management on the other hand, through meditation practices, better awareness about psychiatric consulting and increased medical facilities has helped people in the world” and so it is extremely essential that these tools be used effectively in order to deal with depression in this case (Slack, 2004, p. 12). “The importance of client education in recognizing these signs and symptoms is crucial as it helps ensure awareness. All of these will help in the process of ensuring a healthier society” (Avolio & Gardner., 2005, p. 18). There have been several community programs, but their effectiveness is questionable. It becomes extremely important that the patients are provided complete care and treatment even for depression, though it is not a physical illness.

  The aim is to improve quality and this is of prime importance in the health care sector due to the critical aspect of treatment provided for patients. This is possible only through the usage of an effective system where in vitals are recorded and details are well maintained. It is important that the medical record system is effective. At the same time, the nurses should be well trained to use these systems as well.

  It is required that the quality plan be based on development of technology, which makes it easier to complete the operations or processes and to also ensure that the plan is well communicated. If nurses operate on planned processes, it would become easier for them to maintain higher accuracies in case of managing cases under high pressure where in post operation care is required (Buysse & Wesley, 2014).

  Quality control plan can help ensure that there is effective measures taken in order to deliver quality services to patients in health care. Along with this, the transcription process should also be restructured and given to a service provider who can provide higher quality. If processes are improved upon, it would become simpler for nurses to deal with complex cases. In this case, complete post natal care is to be provided and recorded so that nothing is missed and inaccuracies can be dismissed. The medication prescribed and other treatment provided to the patient is also to be recorded. Only then, it would be possible to formulate an effective level of understanding about patient situation in all conditions (Schneiderman et al., 2015).


  To conclude, it is essential that there be focus on communication and effective treatment for patients. It is an extremely important set of skills that are essential to ensure sustainable practices and ethics at work place. It is extremely crucial that the health care sector embrace citizenship in order to ensure that there is effective ethics and balance at workplace. Being equitable, empathic and inclusive are important social responsibility behaviors to enact as a health care practitioner. However, social responsibility, communication, and teamwork form the crux of citizenship in case of health care sector. By ensuring that we imbibe these qualities at work, it would help us be better professionals in health care sector. These qualities are required in nurses dealing with post operative cases, so that they are able to provide effective health care service to patients (VanYperen, Van den Berg, & Willering, 2007).

  Professionals are expected to be responsible for adding value and it is their skills and understanding of patient conditions which helps in actual implementation of the processes. Quality can be enhanced only when these aspects are considered in greater depth. It is important that nurses understand their role and significance in contributing to improving health care facilities and communicate well with their patients (Potter & Patricia, 2014).