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代写 :金叶餐厅和弗莱明顿农贸市场是营养美食学的体现


代写 :金叶餐厅和弗莱明顿农贸市场是营养美食学的体现

The Gold leaf restaurant and the Flemington farmer’s market were the two places that people had gone to understand the relevance of gastronomy in tourism sector.
The Chinese restaurant provided the people with authentic Chinese food in an Australian nation. This provided a unique experience for the people who visit Melbourne. The visit to this restaurant enabled in gaining understanding of molecular gastronomy. The Farmers market provided the people the flavor of real Australian Produce. This helped in the understanding of the nutritional gastronomy. These two places were selected owing to the fact it explores different tangents to the cosmopolitan Melbourne community that has eclectic tourist places with different cultures that have uniquely developed in the Melbourne area.

代写 :金叶餐厅和弗莱明顿农贸市场是营养美食学的体现

Food plays an important role in bringing tourists into the region. They assuage the needs of all the essential senses and also symbolizes the local culture. Gastronomy has evolved in the recent times from fine dining cuisine to incorporate a number of other intangible such as culture, method of preparation and health. Nutritional gastronomy and molecular gastronomy plays an important role in the principle of gastronomy. It has been found that the Flemington market serves as an example of the locally produced cuisine and the Gold leaf restaurant serves as an example of cultural integration and a distinctive Chinese cuisine. This is an example of multiple cultural integration. Nutritional gastronomy explains about the importance of freshly produced foods and this is expressed in the Flemington farmers market. The molecular gastronomy can be analyzed using the Gold leaf restaurant as an example. These enable the tourist to feel welcome about a place. This would increase the consumer flow and tourist into the region. This would increase the economy of the place.