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  本篇代寫論文費用-案例研究之超市牛奶定價讲了乳製品往往屬於非彈性需求曲線。該產品被認爲是日常生活中必不可少的,因此商品的需求將仍然對價格不敏感。因此,如果牛奶的價格上漲50美分或1美元,它不會影響牛奶的需求。本篇代寫論文費用文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Case Study 3: Super market milk pricing

  The milk products tend to fall under the inelastic demand curve. The product is deemed to be essential for the daily living, and hence the demands of the good will remain to be price insensitive. Owing to this, if the price of the milk increases by 50 cents or a dollar it would not affect the demand of the milk.

  Pricing is an important aspect of the marketing promotions of the product. It has been found to that the pricing of the milk products is due to competitive pricing, prestige pricing or profitability pricing. In this case, it has been found that the company has decided to reduce the price of the milk to remain in the markets and hence utilized a competitive pricing strategy.

  Since the milk pricing is based on inelastic demand that the future strategies of the company would be to assuage the needs of the primary producers. They have been feeling the stress of reduced milk prices. The future would be a different promotional campaign directed at content of the products.

  Coles reduced its price to sustain in the markets. Wools worth was an established brand and they had also reduced the price of the milk according to the 2011 statistic. This had led to the sales decline of Coles and hence this pricing strategy was not effective

  There should be a code of conduct that the companies need to develop where the equitable income and the distribution of the incomes remain to be fair.

  Case Study 4 Pc and Tablet

  Total product concept is the basic paradigm of how companies and the stakeholders sell their product to their target market demography. Generic, expected, augmented and product dimensions are the major factors in contention. It has been found that in Asia there is a 11.5% decline in the sales. The expectation and the product dimensions associated with the tablets are generally higher.

  Companies such as IDC try to understand the market dynamics by using the surveys and the various methods of reaching out to the target consumers. They try to develop specifics based on the modern user requirements. These are considered to be the main reason for the companies to sell both PC and the Tablet. The general contention in the public has been that the PC products have been in decline. Owing to this, the companies try and sell tablet and related newer products.

  The sales figures show that the consumer needs are shifting from PC to tablet. This has been observed when a new technology arrives. It eventually overtakes the existing technology. From a personal standpoint, the companies should listen to the needs of the consumers and add features to the Pc as well as the tablets to ensure both these products continue to sell.