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據評估,沃達豐不斷發展壯大,為現有客戶提供增值服務,以滿足他們的需求。因此,為了保持市場領導者的地位,沃達豐制定了一系列新的目標。其目標主要包括擴大客戶群,留住現有客戶,實施新技術和服務,提高品牌資產。然而,Liu和Magnan (2011, p.102)認為,組織中缺乏勞動力生產率阻礙了實現既定目標的方式。因此,為了實現這些目標,沃達豐堅持在現有的手機業務範圍內進行現代化改造,以獲得競爭優勢。此外,公司還定期與客戶溝通,為他們提供其服務的優惠和好處。

The main aim of Vodafone’s marketing strategy is to maintain the leadership in the market. The company has mainly kept its focus on designing new products and services by upgrading to the advanced and modern technologies. However, as argued by Cheung et al. (2010, p.402), as the customers have been engaged in using most modern mobile technologies, they generate new demands and product developments. Therefore, Vodafone needs to obtain the feedback of the customers for initiating its new strategy.
It has been assessed that Vodafone continuously thrives to extend value to its services for the existing customers to fulfil their demands. Therefore, in order to remain as the leader in the market, Vodafone has framed new set of objectives. The objectives mainly include extending the customer base, retaining the present clients, enforcement of new technologies and services and improving the brand equity. However, Liu and Magnan (2011, p.102) argued that the lack of workforce productivity in an organisation hinders the way of achieving the set objectives. Therefore, in order to fulfil these objectives, Vodafone has insisted on modernising its services in the present phone range to enjoy competitive advantage. In addition, the company is also engaged in making regular communication with its customers for providing them with the offers and benefits of its services.

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BT PLc的主要策略是通過收入的增長來實現盈利。此外,他們的主要原則是為客戶提供最好的服務,創造新的業務生活,為進一步提高他們的專註於投資。在客戶服務原則的上下文中,他們的座右銘是第一時間為客戶提供最好的服務,讓他們滿意。考慮到成本的降低,他們試圖在競爭激烈的市場中更多地提高信息技術,從而獲得機會。為了取得更大的進步,他們總是試圖減少以前的錯誤。英國電信有限公司一直努力把自己的產品更多地推廣到國際論壇。

The strategy of Vodafone is more focused on the cost focus and differentiation that delivers good quality handset and the multi-featured tariffs at comparatively low cost. The differentiation strategy has enabled the firm to go for the 4G innovation to accelerate the operation among global customers.
The main strategy of BT PLc is to make profit on the growth of the revenue. Besides, their main principle is to deliver the best service to the customers, generates new business life, for the further improvement they focus on the investment. In context to the customer service principles, their motto is to serve the best as right first time to their customer to make them satisfy. Keeping in mind the cost reduction, they try to more improve it in the competitive market which in turn achieves them the opportunities. For more improvement, they always try to reduce their previous faults. BT PLc always tries to expand their product to the international forum more.