Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文-公司的比率和財務分析讲了上述比率分析是使用所有活動的比率公式進行的。這些公司的比率和財務分析表明了一些關於公司及其業績的信息。當分析公司的財務信息時,最好的方法是瞭解公司的大量數據,而這些數據只能通過比率分析或定量分析來完成。爲了瞭解公司的財務狀況,計算了兩家公司的流動性比率、盈利能力比率、負債率、經營業績比率、現金流量指標比率和投資估值與趨勢比率。本篇代寫論文文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The ratio analysis is done above using the ratio formula for all of the activities. The ratio and financial analysis of these companies indicate some information that regarding the companies and their performances. When it comes to analysing the financial information of the company, the best method is to understand the massive numbers of the company which can be only done using ratio analysis or say as quantitative analysis. For both the companies, the liquidity ratio, profitability ratio, debt ratio, operating performance ratio, cash flow indicator ratio and investment valuation ratio with trend ratio have been calculated in order to understand the company’s financials (Williams et al., 2008)

  Tesco – In case of Tesco, the overall revenue has been increased in last 3 years. This is because of the expansion in multiple countries and high demand among the consumers with improvement in technology options to buy the products. On the other side the operating margin and operating income both have been reduced because of increase in more operating expenses, expansion in other countries and increase in the operation.

  The financial leverage ratio is higher that means the company has taken more debt to run the operations. The current and quick ratio both are reduced over last 3 years, this indicates that the current assets of the company have been reduced and the liabilities are increased. This means that the company’s ability to pay off the short terms liabilities is reduced significantly. The decrease in the quick ratio indicates that the liquidity of the company (the ability to pay current obligations) has been declined as well (Tesco Official Website, 2016). The below chart explains more about the ratios how the ratios have been affected with the internal & external factors.