Assignment First

  本篇代写论文价格-风险评估和风险优先排序讲了其中一些风险可能会对健康造成潜在的负面影响,其程度远远高于其他风险。例如,考虑危害10。这就是过度预订场地的危害。场地只能容纳100人,但已预订了150人。这里的风险是场地的超额预定可能会给客户带来问题。这可能会导致压力的问题。本篇代写论文价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Risk Assessment and Prioritization of Risk

  Some of the risks might cause potentially adverse health effects on a much higher magnitude than others. For instance, consider hazard number 10. This is the hazard of overbooking a venue. The venue will only support 100 persons and yet it is booked for 150 persons. The risk here is that the overbooking of the venue could lead to the problem for clients. This could lead to the issue of stress. It is a physical adverse effect, yet is one that is not as harmful as the hazard of being exposed to chemicals. Overbooking might not kill customers-clients and the workers. On the other hand, the hazard of improper labelling of chemicals has and will lead to the improper use of it, resulting in more serious health consequences. The risk here is that the improper labelling will result in injury of worker. In term of impact, the latter risk (hazard number 8 -Appendix A) should be of higher priority than the former. In terms of occurrence of risk also, the risk of overbooking is not a standard risk; it has been noted for this once incident as of now, so its occurrence level as well as impact is low.

  In a similar context, consider the lack of induction training. With respect to the new staff, this has caused conditions of stress to the workers. While it is true that this will have long term consequence on the health of the person and hence needs to be addressed, the hazard of first aid at the workplace not being reliable would have more serious health consequences. The workers who are injured in the workplace will not get immediate medical care and will have to go to an outside clinic which could potentially delay treatment. So the priority of risks would mean that medical aid unreliability risk is high priority than the unreliable induction training risk.