Assignment First

本篇文章主要讲的是麦当劳的营销劣势,麦当劳可以生产这样一种产品,可以极大地吸引特定的人群。但重点应该放在推出这样的产品上,既能吸引每一群人,又不会疏远任何人。但是,目前还没有这样的产品。在这家餐厅,可以看到很多消费者忽略了购买Arch Deluxe Burger,因为他们认为这是一个复杂的产品。从顾客的陈述中也可以明显看出,大量的消费者已经转移到其他组织和公司,因为他们找不到麦当劳提供的任何有趣或有吸引力的东西。本篇代写论文价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

McDonald’s can produce such a product that can immensely attract a specific group of people. But the main focus should be on introducing such products that should attract every group of people without alienating anyone. But, there is not such a product till now. At the restaurant, it was seen that the many consumers neglected to buy the Arch Deluxe Burger because they thought that it is a sophisticated product. It was also evident from the statements of the customers that a huge number of consumers have moved to other organizations and companies because they could not find anything interesting or attractive offered by McDonald’s.
Another aspect is that the observation could trace that a huge portion of the consumers was health conscious. They expect McDonald’s to produce tasty food that contributes positively to the health. But, they have not found anything yet. McDonald’s seems to neglect this issue completely. They do not produce any product that is absolutely beneficent for health. Their promotions and marketing strategies also do not seem to be involved with the issue of health consciousness (Han, 2008). The concept of a healthy society is being given the top most priority. But, McDonald’s has failed to promote this in their consumer marketing. As a result, a major part of the previous consumer base has chosen other companies over McDonald’s. The research and the study could identify this problem effectively. It was also seen that the remaining health conscious consumers are willing to leave McDonald’s in the imminent future.
According to the experts of the food and drinks service industry, one of the major tactics for consumer marketing should be introducing surprising packages and items at regular intervals of time. It helps to maintain and keep the consumer attraction and interest intact and unmoved. But, the consumers stated that they could remember the last time when McDonald’s came up with a surprising product or item. The key to the success of consumer marketing is that the organization should launch an innovative product that can make the consumers stunned. Such products make the consumers so happy that they start to think that the organization always act in order to give them pleasure (Ariely, 2010). But, the consumers stated that McDonald’s came up with such surprise almost twelve years ago. This is extremely disappointing from a huge brand like McDonald’s. There is another negative impact of this problem.
Surprising products help the organization to keep it in the competition in the immensely competitive market. However, when an organization does not come up with such a surprising package for a long time, the organization seems to lose the race of capturing the consumer base. Other organizations take the opportunity of this situation and they launch such products that might be not satisfying but hugely surprising. The consumers stated that such thing has an immense influence on the consumer base. According to the consumers, McDonald’s inability to come up with extremely new products drives a majority of the consumers to think that the brand has entered into a static position and the consumers become forced to choose any other company that can potentially meet their needs surprisingly.