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  本篇代写论文价格-Q因素和技巧讲了两个环形谐振器有几个光谱特性。这两个基本特征包括技巧和Q因素。Q因子描述阻尼振荡强度与表示测量值或相对线宽的关系。谐振器Q因子有两种不同的定义。通过能量的存储,这个因子的定义是一个存储的能量比,即2派乘以每周期振荡的耗散。它等价地称为每振动弧度的能量耗散与存储能量的比值。本篇代写论文价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Q factor and Finesse

  Two ring resonators have several spectral characteristics. Two such essential characteristics are inclusive of finesse and a Q factor. Q factor depicts the damping oscillations strength in relation to indicating a measure or the line widths relatively. There are 2 distinct definitions of resonator’s Q factor. Through storage of energy, the definition is that this factor is a stored energy ratios which is 2 pie times the dissipation per cycle of oscillation. It is equivalently known as the ratio for energy dissipation with stored energy per oscillation radian.

  On the other hand, Q factor can be defined through bandwidth of resonance. The Q factor, from this perspective, is the frequency in the resonator and the complete half width maximum resonance bandwidth. Any resonator’s Q factor is dependent upon frequencies of optical nature with power loss fractions on each trip and the time for the trip. When a resonator is such that it consists of 2 mirrors with vacuum or air between them, then the Q factor increases as the length of the resonator is enhanced (Matere et al., 2016). This is because this results in decrease in the loss of energy per the cycle of optical nature. Extremely higher values of Q, however, are achieved not through use of longer in length resonators but through reducing strongly the losses on every trip per round. An example can be quoted here that higher values of Q are gained with tiny transparent spheres whispering gallery modes.

  There are several other quantities which can be depicted in relation to the Resonator Q factor. First of all, the Q factor is equivalent to 2 pie times the exponential stored energy decay time versus the frequencies (Feng et al., 2014). Secondly, the Q factor is equivalent to 2 pie times the oscillation period number for the initial value decay of the stored energy system. The optical resonator Q factor is equivalent to the optical frequency finesse divided by the range of free spectral.