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工业上的重大影响如下:  温度影响的最大装载量的增加架空线路开关设备、变压器、地下电缆和其他组件和设备的电网。









The electrical energy and power industry are facing significant challenges and difficulties with the transition to sustainability and renewable energy options. The climate change has imposed a significant impact on the industry. The implementation of advanced technology has been done to meet the increasing demand in the market. The rapid increase in consumption of energy has contributed to the emissions of greenhouse gasses. Therefore, the energy and power industry needs to make efforts on measures and technologies for adapting to, assessing and coping with the impacts of climate changes. The implementation of appropriate strategies and measures will decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.


The significant impacts on the industry are as follows: The increase in temperatures affects the maximum loading capacity of overhead lines, switchgear, transformers, underground cables and other components and equipment of the electrical grid .
Changes in peak loading and demand patterns
Reduced performance and reliability of main equipment
In extreme weather conditions, there is a risk of failure of system control equipment, telecommunications and power grid.
Increased costs and risks to the power grid infrastructures due to floods and forest fires.
Changes in the water levels are creating impact on the production of the hydroelectric energy.
Increased ice accumulation on transmission towers and power lines.
The climate changes have affected operational activities of the power industry. Therefore, the industry is focusing on renewable and sustainable energy options to decrease the impact of climate changes. The industry has focused on available tools, strategies and protocols to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses .