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代寫論文價格 :日托服務的產品作用

本產品是家長對孩子在安全的學習環境中全面發展的保證。最終的目標是創建一個中心,在這裏父母的憂慮被該中心平息(Kotler et al., 2015)。應該有一個安全的地方讓孩子們成長和實驗。除此之外,教師還應該學習孩子的認知發展和社交技能。這是將要推廣的主要產品,因此應該是主要的焦點。


通過對Belconnen地區競爭對手的分析,可以很清楚的看出,該地區有日托中心和幼兒園(Kotler et al., 2015)。唯一的產品將提供給家長的是在學校的學習計劃。它們還將起到日托的作用。

代寫論文價格 :日托服務的產品作用

Day care is a service industry. The parents of young children are looking for premium services where the safety and the well-being of the child are guaranteed. The service industry is composed of intangibles that are diverse. The nature of the product should be the spot customization. The point where the service is provided becomes an important aspect. There should be consistent quality of care that should be provided for the people to ensure that there is a good user experience (Wilson and Gilligan, 2012). It is very difficult to convince the parents about safety until some tangible measures of safety are shown for the parents. Service offering such as live streaming would lead to more confidence in the product offering.

代寫論文價格 :日托服務的產品作用

The product is the assurance to the parents that there wills holistic development of the child in a safe learning environment. Ultimate goal is to create a centre where the apprehensions of the parents are appeased by the centre (Kotler et al., 2015). There should be a safe place for the children to grow and experiment. Apart from this the teachers should be taught about the cognitive development and the social skills for the child. This is the main product that will be promoted and hence should be the main focal point.
It is vital that the day care providers understand this paradigm and ensure that the quality services are provided to the children.
From analysis of the competitors in Belconnen, it is quite clear that there are day care centre and preschool centre in the areas (Kotler et al., 2015). The unique product that will be offered to the parents is the learning programs in the schools. They will also function as day care.