Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文 價格-業務管理講述了有效的業務管理有助於業務的發展和實現當前和未來的目標。因此,解決業務內部的管理問題是至關重要的,因此,業務經理需要知道他們的職責和滿足整個業務的預期績效所要求的能力水平。管理部門內的關鍵問題應儘早按照適當的審查制度加以解決,以實現管理目標。本篇代寫論文 價格文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  It is important for Boost Juice Bars to follow a proactive set of business activities and management methods, so as to sustain its business growth. Effective business management contributes to business development and achievement of present and future goals. Thus, it is vital to resolve the management issues within the business and hence it is needed for the business managers to know their responsibilities and the level of competency demanded to meet the desired performance of the overall business. Critical issues within the management should be resolved at the earliest following to a proper system of review in order to achieve management objectives.

  As per the case study of Boost Juice Bars, the founder Janine Allis of the company has played significant role in expanding the business internationally. It is believed that inspiring, warm, giving, and natural leadership style of Janine has enabled the company to attain its target objectives. Therefore, this is evident that the charismatic leadership style has been followed by Janine in order to maintain motivational spirit of the employees (Bull, 2014). However, the charismatic leadership style would not be suitable for the company to maintain its business development process in the international front. It has been evident in the case study that staff members leaked secret recipes of Boost Juice. Therefore, it is essential to transform charismatic leadership style of Boost Juice Bars.

  2.0. Issue Identification:

  Leadership in an organisation is essential to motivate its employees and tend their attributes toward the organisational goals. In addition, it is necessary to apply effective leadership style in the work place in order to acquire and ensure sustainable business development. Therefore, the management issue of Boost Juice Bars is related with leadership. The charismatic leadership style of Janine is not appropriate for all the employees. Boost Juice Bars is expanding its business in the international market place. Moreover, the amount of workforce is increasing. Hence, the strength of the management should be increased so that it can satisfy the management needs and demands of its larger workforce. Therefore, research work has to be conducted to evaluate different effective leadership styles, and determine the most suitable one for the company that would maintain its business development.

  It is evident from the research work of Thompson & Vecchio (2016), that charismatic leadership allows the leaders to inspire and support its followers. However, it would be not suitable to control huge amount of followers or employees, as motivational factors of individuals varies from person to person. Thus, it is essential for Boost Juice Bars to overcome its ongoing management issues by modifying its charismatic leadership style. The case study reveals that the management of the company is having issues with some of its workers for disclosing secret recipes of the company. Although Janine has managed to resolve this matter by communicating to its customers, employees and other stakeholders, it is vital for the management to identify reasons behind this kind of workforce issues. This could be overcome by transforming leadership style in management procedures of Boost Juice Bars.

  In order to assess the present situation of the business a SWOT analysis has been conducted in the following, to assess the key strength and weaknesses of Boost Juice Bars and thus, to resolve the management issue by selecting a more suitable leadership style.