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  本篇代写论文价格-营销传播模式讲了公司所采用的营销传播模式或方法属于产品促销的概念。就产品或服务而言,它取决于产品和最终用户组织的广告、销售和促销活动。促销是公司希望向公众阐明的关于产品的信息(Goldsmith, 1999)。这些促销活动试图与目标市场人口构成建立积极的融洽关系。公司在现代的促销活动不是针对任何一个单一的营销渠道或媒介。这些公司在各自的网站上使用数字电视、移动广告、独立互联网广告、社交媒体广告、当地社区广告来增加促销活动(Samanta, 2013)。报纸媒体和广播媒体被谨慎使用。然而,它们也是公司促销活动的一部分。本篇代写论文价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Pricing concept is the actual amount that the end user pays for the product. It is based on the tangible factors and some intrinsic variables. The pricing of the product is based on the supply and demand paradigm. Competitors, demand for the product and the availability of the product becomes the main notion in the pricing of the product. This pricing is also based on the distribution plans that have been planned by the company. These contribute towards the tangible factors. Apart from this are the intrinsic variable that has been associated with the pricing of the product. This is another factor that operates as an extension to the principle of supply and demand (Blythe, 2008). Nevertheless, there are intrinsic factors that are associated with the pricing of the product. The perception of the company about the product plays an important role in the pricing concept. If the company has managed to garner a good brand image, the pricing would be priced accordingly. If there are negative connotations that have been associated with the brand, the pricing of the product will then become less.

  Telstra Corporation offers a diverse range in the pricing of the product. It actually depends on the needs of the consumers for their home, mobile or tablet services (Kotler et al., 2015). The cheapest plan option starts from $29 onwards. For the three segments that have been described in the previous section, the company offers a variety of pricing services. It allows the consumers a lot of flexibility in their plans. This process has enabled the consumers to assume that the pricing of the products can be made according to their discretion.


  The marketing communication paradigm or the method that has been adopted by the company to make a sale falls under the notion of promotions of the product. In the case of a product or service, it depends on the advertising, sales, promotional campaigns organized by the product and the end user it has been marketed. Promotion is the information about the product that the company wishes to elucidate about to the public (Goldsmith, 1999). These promotions try to build a positive rapport with the target market demography. Promotional campaign of the company in the modern era is not focused on any one marketing channel or medium. The companies use Digital TV, mobile campaign, independent internet campaign in the respective websites, social media campaign, local community campaigns to increase their promotions (Samanta, 2013). The newspaper medium and radio medium are used sparingly. Nevertheless, they are also a part of the promotional campaign of the company.

  Telstra Company has a number of promotions that are changes based on the consumer demands. They allow the consumers to bundle their services for a less rate. They also give many incentives for new consumers like free devices to sign up for their services. The company has a strong social media presence. They are found to sponsor a number of activities in social media portals and are also involved in local community sponsorship for the sporting events. The company utilizes omnichannel marketing and also regularly updates the service marketing category of the company to address the needs of the consumers. There are many ways in which the company tries to connect with the consumers. The social media portals also request for the feedback of the consumers and the promotion and the product design or services are constructed by the company.