Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文價碼-東西方的物質文化讲了東西方文化都認爲死亡不是結束。有一些文化使用死後攝影或冥婚來處理親人的死亡。他們預言,死去的人將繼續在沒有物質身體的情況下生活。爲此,本分析中的一些文化通過攝影來看待死後的生命概念。攝影被髮展成一種探索人類面對死亡問題時面部表情的紀實工具。巴特以攝影作爲一種紀實工具,探討了他對外延、內涵和意識形態概念的論述,並將探討文化如何對待死亡的核心概念。本篇代寫論文價碼文章文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Material cultures of the west and the east from the perspective of dealing with the dead by using the tool of documentary photography.


  Western and eastern cultures believe that death is not the end. There are some cultures use post mortem photography or ghost marriages to handle the loss of the loved ones. that prophesize that the dead people continue to live their life without a material body. For this some cultures In this analysis the concept of life after death is viewed by using photography. Photography is developed as a documentary tool to explore about the human countenance to the issue of death. The arguments discussed by Barthes in dealing with the concepts of denotation, connotation and ideology by using photography, as a documentary tool will be probed with the central concept of how the cultures deal with death.

  Key words: Post mortem photography, cultural semiotics, connotation, deduction and documentary photography.

  Key Theoretical texts: The key theoretical findings of Barges (1977) texts, Bown (2011) and Van Gelder and Westgeest (2011) will be used as an inception point to probe into the culture. There will also be the incorporation of the other readings related to the culture of China and Victorian culture.

  The text of Barges will be the main theoretical text that will be used of all the other readings.